October 11, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday: Asking for It

True confessions: I was asking for it.

Sometimes your baby has a terrible cold, but she still wants to give you the sweetest kisses right on the mouth.

Hello terrible cold. I'm such a sucker.

True Confessions Tuesday is the day when I write about something (possibly random but definitely true) in the hopes one day my daughter will learn something new and silly about me. If you want to join me and write your own just grab the button below and leave a comment so we can all come read your True Confession.

True Confessions Tuesdays


  1. Awwww... SUCKA! Lol. I'm so sorry sweet mama! Been there, done that. Those sweet kisses are pretty much irresistable. Feel better pretty lady! Xo

  2. hope you guys get better soon!


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