November 25, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics: Food Coma

1. Shopping Urban Outfitters just like Mama 2. Sicky snuggles 3. Pretty craft from my aunt 4. Bare piggies in the snow
5. Snow on the mountains 6. Only lima beans please 7. Bundled for a walk with Daddy 8. Watching the snow
9. Thanksgiving Day Parade! 10. Sharing bubbles 11. Friendsgiving yum 12. Coloring on her awesome Wizard of Oz table

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful we were able to pull off dinner at my house with 21 adults and 3 babies! I love my family! We are laying low and recovering from our colds. Maybe we will do a little shopping once the crowds die down. My sister runs a half marathon on Sunday, Go Emily! I bet she is happy it isn't last year when she ran the full marathon. I'm so proud of her!

Off to eat some leftovers...

life rearranged

young and restless

November 22, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: A Curly Cut

{Remember the rogue curls?}

{They finally had to go.}

{No hairs were harmed in the making of this collage. Ok, a few may have met their collective end.}

{She is far too grown up.}

True Confessions Tuesday: I like Twilight

I said it, I like Twilight and I am not ashamed. To accompany this post I will show you a few pictures from when my mom, sister, and I made a trip to Forks a few years ago. Yes, we are super nerdy... keep up!

If you live in Washington and you like Twilight even a little bit, you should go. They go ALL out in Forks.

{Get it?}

I'll admit the Twilight series is not exactly an example of stellar writing. I am also not a huge fan of the whole delicate female who needs her big manly protector. And lets face it, Bella Swan is no Katniss Everdeen. But they are fun. Sometimes stories can just be fun. They are a pleasure (no guilt.)

Sunday I saw the latest movie. It was great, deliciously terrible and wonderfully cheesy. I loved every second.

I am probably in the minority here, but I love when books are made into movies. Don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer that you should always read the book first. The book is always better, deeper, more complicated. Some people feel that seeing the movie ruins a book for them, but I find it fascinating. I go into the movie with all the knowledge from the book and seeing it all come to life is just a bonus.

I was going to say a movie is like the icing on the cake, but lets get real, the icing is the best part. So maybe it is more like the filling, but that makes it sound too important. I guess a movie is like the sprinkles on the icing on the cake. Unnecessary, sometimes tasteless, but so pretty! Yes, that is my analogy and I'm sticking to it.

{No one would ever just lay down and fall asleep in the woods for no reason... Bella Swan, not a genius.}

{Loving in La Push}

{Don't worry, no one saw us, it was Saturday.}
 {Dorking it up.}

Did anyone else see the movie? Are you ashamed of your love of questionable literature? Tell me I'm not alone.

November 18, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics: Daddy's Girl

1. These boots are made for running 2. Daddy's Girl 3. Delicious numbers 4. Leaf pile!
5. Sleeping babe 6. IN the leaf pile! 7. My new best friend 8. "Working" from home
9.-12. Further proof he is her number one love

life rearranged

young and restless
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