July 31, 2011

Look out world!

So this happened yesterday...

Look out world, here she comes! Walking at 14 months, just like her mama!

July 29, 2011

My week in iPhone Pics: Separation Anxiety

1. Snuggling with Papa after a rough night 2. Moving too quickly for a photo 3. I'm sleepy, but I insist on wearing these shoes with my pjs 4. Hiding behind the couch trying to pull Nani's hair 5. Cheeseball grin 6. Too big jammies 7. Mesmerized by SYTYCD...she IS my child! 8. Already stealing Dad's credit cards 9. Swinging shadow 10. I am guessing this is what she looked like in my belly. She was a bit smaller then...only a bit 11. Daddy Rambo 12. Healthy breakfast at the Super 8 McCall, ID

A lot happened this last week. Now that the OTHER baby has gone home, Lily has stopped wanting to be awake for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night (yippee). Ryan and I had a successful first weekend away from the peanut. She did really well for her Nani and Papa during the day, but did want to be awake to hang out in the middle of the night...sorry Mom and Dad! She seems to have developed a bit of separation anxiety with me this past week. Probably springing another child on her for two weeks then immediately leaving town without her for the weekend wasn't the best idea. I do enjoy the extra snuggles, but not the massive tears that stream down her sweet cheeks any time I try to leave the room. It is nice to be loved.

She is so close to walking. She stands without touching things for a long time and takes a couple of steps here and there, but nothing that we would count as her "first steps"...yet.
Her words are coming slowly but surely. As of right now I'm pretty sure she says all of the following: Mama, Dada, baby, hi, please, cheese (please and cheese may be the same word), up, possibly sock. Anyway, it's cute.

Also...SO MANY KISSES. Anytime someone shows up or leaves, she blows them a kiss. Or if she just feels like it randomly...kisses. Sometimes she is just trotting by and decides you deserve to be blown a couple of kisses, with the noise and everything. Heart.

Photobucketlife rearranged

July 27, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: An Idaho Wedding!

{Our fantastic weekend full of friends, food, and festivities.}

{Came home to this sweet face. We missed each other very much}

{Hello drippy bath time eyelashes}

July 22, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics: Birthdays, Babies and Harry Potter

1. Finally, a proper celebration! PS - She's nine 2. Learning to share 3. Hiding in her special place 4. Seeing our man Harry James Potter in 3D...taking a good pic in these glasses proved hilarious 5. Juggling 6. Ergo baby 7. "Now can I poke her in the eye?" 8. Trying to capture the tiny baby black eye :( Please don't call CPS 9. Loungin' 10. I think she needs a cape 11. Baby smiles and elf ears 12. Quack

Photobucketlife rearranged

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