July 14, 2011

My Magnificent Mom

In honor of her birthday (which was on Monday) I need to write a quick post about my mom. Be prepared because I might make you very jealous.

 How cute is she?

My mom is one of the most amazing people I have ever known, and I am not just saying that because I know she will read this. I also want to mention that my dad is an absolutely fantastic person/father, but this post is not about him ;)

I remember one time in high school my dad said off-hand “you know, your mom would do absolutely anything for you girls”. I had never really put that thought into actual words before, but the moment he said it I knew it to be true. One hundred percent, no question about it, absolute truth. There is a comfort that comes from knowing that someone is always there for you, always has your back, always in your corner fighting for you and only you (and your sister). My mom is that person for me. Any time I have ever felt sad, mad, confused, or for that matter happy, excited, elated, I call my mom. No matter what the situation, there has never been a time that talking to my mom didn’t make things better. I know now that not every girl has that relationship with her mom and I am so grateful to have had the luck of being born her daughter.

Growing up my mom was always involved in our lives. She was there for every dance lesson, spelling bee, play, recital (I know Dad, you were there too, this isn’t about you sheesh! You will have your own post some day!). As we have grown into young women she continues to be our mom, but has also become our friend. 

Now that we have Lily I have found a whole other level of gratitude. Seeing the way my parents love my girl makes me happier than I ever expected. They watch her during the days on the 3 days a week that I work, and yet they still want to have dinner with us and spend time with us on weekends. I am so grateful that my parents are willing (not just willing, but happy!) to take care of Lily while I work. We cannot afford daycare or for me to stay home full time, so without their offer of help, Lily wouldn’t be here. I can’t even imagine!


My mom has the kindest heart. She knows how much I miss Lily during the day so she sends me pictures and videos all day long to get me through. Even just this morning, after a rough night with the two girls, my mom was worried because I am so exhausted. When I texted her “I’m ok” she responded with: “You’re not only ok, you’re a great mommy, auntie and daughter! I love you, and you won’t even remember all this later on!” It just doesn’t get more supportive than that.

As I read back over what I have written here, it just isn’t enough. I can't fully express in words how amazing, loving, beautiful, intelligent, funny, creative and all-out-fabulous my mom really is. You will just have to take my word for it.

Mom, I love you. But you already knew that.


  1. This made me a little misty eyed! Happy b day chelsea's mama!

  2. I shouldn't have read this just before going to bed. Thank you sweetheart! I'm so happy that you know from having Lily just how precious you and your sister are to me. I am the lucky one! I love you!

  3. What a great role model you have. She is beautiful and sounds just like my Mama ;) Happy Birthday!

  4. What a great role model you have. She is beautiful and sounds just like my Mama ;) Happy Birthday!


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