September 29, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics: Bar (Stool) Fight

1. Dirt Devil 2. Night time stroll with Nani and Mama 3. Happy girl after nap 4. New (to us!) play farm
5. Battle wound from a fight with Nani's bar stool 6. Crunchy leaves 7. Last day for a boat ride? 8. Cute bum
9. Pretty wedding decor 10. Bath time snoot face 11. Horsing around with Daddy 12. New kicks
13. Oh hi! 14. Mama's day at the spa 15. Tiny explorer 16. She won't stop reading, not even for a diaper change

Photobucket life rearranged

young and restless

Wedding Season Finale

Our wedding season has come to a close with our SEVENTH wedding of 2011. Ok, so I actually miscalculated because we were invited to 7 and only actually made it to 6, but STILL! See some of the past weddings here: San Francisco, Idaho, Arlington, WA, and Orcas Island.

The last wedding of the summer actually took place in the first days of fall, and the weather juuuuust barely cooperated.

Thankfully the air was warm, but just as the ceremony began, tiny raindrops began to form.

{Someone told me I looked like a nun with my improvised head gear. And no, I am not naked despite what this photo may indicate. Nudity at a wedding is very un-nun-like}

{Rogue flower girl}

{First glimpse of the bride. She is always beautiful, but never more so than this moment}

Thankfully the weather gods blessed this wedding with only a few sprinkles. By the time the ceremony came to an end the head gear came off and we were ready to party!

{The mischievous one, obviously}

{Some of my favorite women on the planet. We were on a competitive dance team, can you tell we have taken a few photos together in the past?}

{Seriously, how cute is Ryan?}

{The boys don't know the trick of "finding your window", but they tried}

{I knew this wedding would be stylish, elegant and tasteful, just like the bride}

{Behold the beauty of Carnation, WA. Who knew?}

{Flip-flops yes-please}

{Silly bathroom photo}

{Regular bathroom photo that some lady made us take not realizing we were going for "silly bathroom photo"}

{First dance. Not our, theirs}

{I love the married couples dance, even if we are always kicked off the floor pretty quickly. There were two couples that had been married 64 years! Rock it out Gramps!}

{Photo booth!}

{Dessert table full of family recipes for the tasting}

{Finally, one of all of us. Don't mind the sweat, we dance HARD}

{Cheers to the happy couple and to another fine wedding season. Now bring on the baby showers! Hint hint. 
Come on friends}

September 28, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: High Tops and Windbreakers

1980 called... it thinks you're ADORABLE!

  {Rocking her new kicks}

{and her totally tubular windbreaker}

 {melt, melt, melt}

 {Oh hi, are you 13 years old now? WHAT IS THIS? How did she grow up so fast?}

 {Fenced in}

{wake me up before you go go}


 {Please help me}

 {Stair Master}

{Oh, just poppin' my collar, nbd}
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