July 16, 2013

Still here, just not totally functional.

So… we haven’t been sleeping. Like, at all. It started a couple of months ago when my great sleeper suddenly stopped sleeping. Mila went from going at least 8-10 hour stretches to barely sleeping an hour or two at a time. To be fair, she got her first four teeth all at once, but even after they popped through the sleepless nights remained. I think there are four more teeth coming, and on top of that she still isn’t crawling and is SO frustrated about it, plus she just got over some sort of yucky stomach virus. I am hoping these are the causes of all the crazy and that there will soon be some sort of resolve, but OH GOD THE COFFEE, GIVE ME ALL YOUR BEANS.

See, we aren’t “cry it out” people. I have no qualms with people who choose to go that route, but it is just not for us. Letting kids fuss? A-OK! Hard-core crying? MUSTSOOTHEALLTHEBABIES. That is just how we are. When we put Mila in her crib (awake, asleep, half asleep, doesn’t matter) she immediately flips to her belly and screams. Poor kid. I know it isn’t forever but I’m not sure how long we can function like this. The night usually ends up with Daddy falling asleep with her on the couch, but the last couple of nights even that hasn’t worked. During the day she has been super clingy and fussy as well, so I know it is just something she is going through. Whether it is a physical or a mental development, it’s screwing with my happy-go-lucky girl!

Ryan and I are supposed to go away for the weekend about a month from now and I am just praying she has gotten through this rough patch in time for my parents to watch her overnight.

Ok, that was not the most fun update, I’ll add in a cute picture to make up for it.

 See? Still cute.

Oh also, my baby is going to be A YEAR OLD on Friday. Seriously though, someone tell me how this happened.
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