September 6, 2012

Mom Guilt

Not only do I have to deal with mom guilt in my daily life with two little ones, I am adding to my guilt by not having time to sit down and write a blog post. Mila is 7 weeks old and I am still working on the drafts of her birth story and her one month post! I don't want to miss out on documenting this crazy and special time, but right now I am so busy living and enjoying my demanding family that I rarely have two hands or two seconds to check in here. Right now both girls are asleep (one on my chest) and I'm writing with one hand on my phone! I am officially giving myself a break. I am keeping notes to include in future posts so I don't forget anything, but it is just going to take me a little while to find a balance for everything and make the time to sit down and write. This space here is important to me and deserves my full attention. I'll be back soon.

If you miss us (as you should) we are all up in your instagram face @thecurlycues. Come say hi over there or leave a comment here to feed my need for attention.

*winky face*

No, really.

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