August 16, 2012

A Message From Mila

All you babies out there, I have a great trick to play on your moms! First, sleep for like 6 hours straight so that your mom feels all excited like maybe her eye will finally stop twitching. Then, and this is key, once she feeds you and gets you back to sleep, make sure to grunt and squeak as loudly as you can while you sleep for the next two hours. The most effective method is to wait just long enough between grunts that she starts to drift off to sleep and then BAM hit her with another one! Haha, hilarious. Oh and as a bonus, if she tries bringing you into bed after the two hours of grunting in an attempt to get some sleep... just poop everywhere. She might look tired now, but trust me, you guys will laugh about it later.

August 4, 2012

Place Holder

Please excuse my absence, every time I sit down to write Mila's birth story this happens:

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