June 4, 2013

Road Trip!

Last week we made the 3.5 hour drive over to Chelan, WA to spend a sunny weekend with friends. 

Both girls did really well and took long naps on the drive both ways (Ryan even joined the snooze on the way home!) Sleeping all in one room with a teething baby was not the greatest thing in the world, but luckily good friends, good food, and good wine outweighed it all. It reinforced why we don’t normally co-sleep, especially as Lily has a tendency to yell out in her sleep and slowly drift horizontally. Nothing like a good foot to the face at 3am. I did enjoy waking up to her tiny hand on my shoulder and her little smile like she got away with something by sleeping between us all night. 


This was our first trip with these friends since we have all had babies. One couple does not yet have kids… I think the weekend was good birth control for them. At one point they went out alone and I was fairly certain they weren't coming back (they did, thank goodness.) Five kids ages three and under can be a little crazy at times, but the house was spacious and the pool was warm. 

Cam and Lily were basically just on a date the whole weekend. He is a tiny gentleman. I put Lily’s hair up before we went in the pool and when we arrived Cam greeted her with “your hair looks nice!” to which Lily replied “thank you!” Oh to be three and in love. We can’t wait until next year.


A quick reminder that if you follow blogs using Google Reader, it is time to find a new route! Reader will be discontinued next month, but there are a lot of other options for following along with your favorite blogs. I have started using Bloglovin’ and it is great, feel free to follow us over there!
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