March 30, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics: Snoozer

 {Super shopper//Another day at the office//Sleepy Sue}

 {Sudden pregnancy craving//Snow pants!//Magic wand}

 {Spring has sprung//Curls everywhere//Nap time Tae Bo}

 {Mama & babygirl lunch//Brrrrr//Baby leg warmers!}

 {We made it to the top!//Cloth diaper bum//Cheeeeeese!}

 {Her faves, "horsey"- a giraffe...and Baby!//Snooze town//Feeling very Katniss Everdeen with my braid at almost 24 weeks}

{Baby's first bumper car//Smooches//16 aready?}

{Another snoozer//Really Mom? THIS is my hairdo today?}

I'm officially using my instagram now that I have a new phone! Come find me: thecurlycues

Yesterday was my decaversary with Ryan...10 years since our first date! That is more than a third of my life! Planning a future post about how we met. I love that guy.

Finally, a huge congrats to my beautiful friend Mandy on her sweet new baby boy! I was so excited after hearing she went into labor that I couldn't sleep last night! Two weeks early and a pretty quick delivery...I need her secret. Can't wait to hear everything and meet the sweet little mister. If you want to see some pics and find out the super cute name, take a peek at her facebook!

Happy weekend everyone!

life rearranged

young and restless

March 28, 2012

Little Bean at the Bean

{One last pic from my Bean photoshoot in Chicago! 
All I can think when I look at this pic is "Oh my goodness, my belly is SO much bigger now". 
Dear everyone, I am a gargantuan. Love, Chelsea}

March 26, 2012

Check Us Out!

We did it!

Baby girl and I climbed 69 flights of stairs and have raised $420.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! 

Two very nice people commented on how cool it was that I was doing the climb for two... and about a thousand other people gave me weird side eyes. They were probably just jealous that I was passing them on the stairs!

Thank you thank you to everyone who donated and supported me on this adventure. If you were planning on donating it is not too late to show your support, click here!

March 23, 2012

The Windy City??

More like the 80 degrees and super sunny city! I guess it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Last weekend (well, if the weekend started on Wednesday) I went to Chicago with some of my favorite ladies. Beware, all photos are from my (brand new!!) iPhone. I was lazy and rarely pulled out my actual camera. In an attempt to not lose you with the overwhelming amount of photos I am posting, I have craftily implemented the use of collages. Oooh, collages! Now you want to look, don't you? 

{Some photos have been omitted as a courtesy to my friends who were actually able to drink on this trip. You know who you are.}

{We arrived to some friendly faces at ORD then headed to our temporary home for some cornhole and some (ok, mine was virgin.) Cocktails.}

{2 of 3 baby bellies waiting for the train. So glad I wasn't the only one this year. Also, can you believe she is 6 weeks(!!) ahead of me. How soon do you think my belly will pass hers in size? Oh second pregnancy... and also also why is my baby so high up?}

{Lots of eating and train riding as we made our way into the city on day 2.}

 {Arriving at the Art Institute of Chicago. According to Lily, lions say "rawr".}

{Just chilling in the park with George. Also, Thalia shows us how she really feels about "modern art" aka stuffed animals on the floor, and then proceeds to create her own "masterpiece" to hang on the wall.}

{The Bean!}

{You can't go to Chicago and not have a photo shoot at the Bean. I apologize for that double negative.}

{Just doing what we do best.}

 {Day 3 we check into our beautiful hotel (yes there are TOTALLY only 4 of us staying in these 2 rooms, why do you ask? Oh yes, those 8 bags are ours, and that case of beer. Yum, pregnant ladies love Bud Light).}

{Cocktails and mocktails at the top of the Hancock before walking to dinner. PS - I have never walked so much in bad shoes in my whole life. Ouchie toes.}

{Day 4 is St. Patrick's day. Time for green eyelashes of course.}

 {Sometimes the belly gets in the way of your coffee spilling habits.}

{Watching the river get dyed green with a bajillion other people. Dude, it gets REALLY green.}

{Getting ready for our architecture tour by boat. We could not have had better weather. Please ignore my scary pale face and copious snacks.}

 {On the tour. I TOLD you the river was green!}

 {Drunk people on bridges get REALLY excited when they see a boat.}

{Taking a break for some hotel room dancing. Someone may have fallen off the bed a few times. No beers were harmed in the making of this collage.}

 {Delicious Mexican food for dinner. Obviously the eyelashes had to come off.}

 {I had to leave painfully early for the airport, but I was greeted by this beautiful site on the way to the train. I have to say, at this point I was really glad I hadn't been drinking the night before!}

{6am on the L train the morning after St. Patrick's Day. I immediately identified this girl as a possible vomit risk. Luckily I made it to the airport with no (vomiting) incidents and I was soon greeted upon landing by...that. Thanks Seattle weather.}

Girls' weekends are always great for reminding me who I am outside of my role as a mom. I do have to say, next year will be way more fun when I can join in on all the wine! Now I am home and happy to be reunited with my sweet girl. She has been so cuddly since I got home and whereas she use to yell "MA!" a lot, now I get a real "mama" and it is oh so cute. I think she missed me almost 5% as much as I missed her, and that is a lot.

life rearranged

young and restless

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