March 1, 2012

5 More Days

In 5 short (who am I kidding the LONGEST EVER) days we get to find out exactly who is flipping around in my belly. I already got Ryan to agree that if this kid won't show us the goods on Tuesday I can pay to get a non-medical ultrasound. I've always thought those places sounded kind of sketch, but whatever, I am impatient. I cannot imagine waiting until the baby is born to find out if it is a boy or a girl. I feel like the people who choose to wait are some breed of crazy superhumans, the kind who bake souffles and run marathons for fun. And don't tell me finding out at 20 weeks ruins the surprise, it is just as much of a surprise now as it would be at 40 weeks!

At the moment I have no real inkling either way. No dreams, no intuitive feelings, no nothing. If you twisted my arm and made me guess I would say boy based solely on the fact that I was sick this time around and I wasn't with Lily. I know, that really has nothing to do with anything, but it is all I've got!

Before I got pregnant the first time I knew I wanted two kids and at least one girl, so when Lily arrived it took the pressure off of baby #2. It isn't that I didn't want a boy, I just don't really know anything about mother-son relationships and I wanted to have what my mom and I have. Also, I am crazy and I imagine all of the "talks" we will have to have down the line. I can do the girl talks. I'm not so confident with the boy talks. I guess that will be Ryan's department, but he is a science guy... not always the best with the words. Just kidding Ryan! (Just kidding world! Like Ryan is actually reading this.)

This time around I always said I didn't care either way, but I think at first I was secretly hoping for another girl. I have a sister and she is my best friend so I would love for Lily to have that relationship. The other day I finally found a boy name that I like. At that point the idea became real. I can see our family with a little boy and it made me excited. Now I can HONESTLY say that I will be so happy either way.

Here is the latest terrible iPhone picture that I took at about 19 weeks 2 days. 

Currently I am a super boring pregnant lady. I am not having any major symptoms or cravings. I feel like I never have cravings. I still want all of the same delicious foods, I just give in to those desires a bit more often while pregnant. It might be Amy or Mandy's fault, but the chocolate milk be overflowin.

What is your guess... BOY or GIRL?


  1. Mandy@ a sorta fairytaleMarch 01, 2012

    Oh I am so excited for you to find out. I totally agree with you about it still being just as much of a surprise at 20 weeks! I respect people's decisions to wait, but I am just not one of those people, ha ha. When I first found out I was pregnant with Bennett, I also felt a little at a loss as to what the mother/son relationship wold be like.... But I'm telling you, it's amazing. There is something so special about a mommy/son bond. So much so, that I wanted another little boy so badly!! And I was lucky enough to get him. :) I imagine it's similar to the bond between daddy & daughter! It would be cool for Lily to have alittle sister, too, though! It will be awesome either way!

  2. libbyuglesichMarch 01, 2012

    I wanna say it's going to be a boy but I think more likely it's a girl :) Can't wait to find out with you!!

  3. I could NEVER not find out, I want to know in advance so I can decorate their bedroom accordingly. I think you will have a boy, and you will love it! (Boys rock! I'm sure girls do to, Lily is adorable, but I just don't know any different)

  4. I felt the exact same way as you about having a boy. It sounds super cheesy, but it really does just WORK out! I am the girliest girl & was like what the heck am I going to do w/ a BOY! I LOOOOVE having sweet little mamas boy. Don't get me wrong I want a little girl desperately one day, but it all does work. You are so cute n tiny! Crossing my fingers that lil munchkin will let ya see the "goods!" Xo

  5. I can't wait to find out what you're having! Mother/son relationships are so sweet...if anything, boys LOVE their mama's....either way will be great!

  6. I think it's a GIRL! I can't believe how close together our dates are. I had a feeling I was having a boy, for some reason... and this week I found out I was right!! 5 days will go by fast, it's almost the weekend!

  7. Five days!!! So, I convinced my husband to do the non medical ultrasound one week before our ultrasound lol! I could not wait any longer. My first is a little boy and I already cringe when I think about 'boy talks'!


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