March 26, 2012

Check Us Out!

We did it!

Baby girl and I climbed 69 flights of stairs and have raised $420.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! 

Two very nice people commented on how cool it was that I was doing the climb for two... and about a thousand other people gave me weird side eyes. They were probably just jealous that I was passing them on the stairs!

Thank you thank you to everyone who donated and supported me on this adventure. If you were planning on donating it is not too late to show your support, click here!


  1. Kiara BuechlerMarch 27, 2012

    Great job Chelsea!

  2. whoo hoo! i'm in awe! turns out my co-worker did this too and i didn't even know it!!!! i'm glad you made it!!!!!!

  3. I expect you will be doing it with me next year! :)


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