March 30, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics: Snoozer

 {Super shopper//Another day at the office//Sleepy Sue}

 {Sudden pregnancy craving//Snow pants!//Magic wand}

 {Spring has sprung//Curls everywhere//Nap time Tae Bo}

 {Mama & babygirl lunch//Brrrrr//Baby leg warmers!}

 {We made it to the top!//Cloth diaper bum//Cheeeeeese!}

 {Her faves, "horsey"- a giraffe...and Baby!//Snooze town//Feeling very Katniss Everdeen with my braid at almost 24 weeks}

{Baby's first bumper car//Smooches//16 aready?}

{Another snoozer//Really Mom? THIS is my hairdo today?}

I'm officially using my instagram now that I have a new phone! Come find me: thecurlycues

Yesterday was my decaversary with Ryan...10 years since our first date! That is more than a third of my life! Planning a future post about how we met. I love that guy.

Finally, a huge congrats to my beautiful friend Mandy on her sweet new baby boy! I was so excited after hearing she went into labor that I couldn't sleep last night! Two weeks early and a pretty quick delivery...I need her secret. Can't wait to hear everything and meet the sweet little mister. If you want to see some pics and find out the super cute name, take a peek at her facebook!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Hey mama! Gosh LOVE those curls. You take the best celly pics, btw!

  2. Lucky you with your instagram! That's the one downside to my Windows Phone. :) I'm so excited for Mandy too!! I LOVE the name she other news, your little girl is just the cutest. THAT POUTY FACE!!!

  3. I love Lily's curls, they're beautiful! I'm going to try and find you on instagram :)

  4. Hi Chelsea! I found you linked up at the Pacific Northwest Blogger. I am SO jealous about Lily's beautiful curls! You're right- she IS freaking adorable! Love all the fun pics!!! Someday I will have an iPhone and be able to do instagra.m ! For now I'll settle for whatever else Android can come up with. Happy weekend!

    A Day in the Life Blog

  5. Is that really you in your office? I need to swtich jobs ;) Love the baby legs, almost want a baby just so I can buy some!

  6. Stephanie McGrewApril 01, 2012

    Stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!! new follower :)

  7. Susana centenoApril 02, 2012

    Lovely pictures!!!


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