July 24, 2012


* trumpets *

Miss Emilia (Mila)

Mila was born 7/19/12 at 1:28 am
8 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches
We are so in love.

Birth story coming soon.

We aren't the only ones in love...

July 17, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Me Too!

Everyone always says that Lily looks just like her Daddy, and I completely agree.

Besides the fact that I grew her inside my body for nine months and then birthed her into the world, I can prove that I'm in there too!

 I wonder who little bean #2 will look like, hopefully we will find out sometime this week!

July 16, 2012

Tick Tick Tick...

Feeling like a bit of a time bomb.

My last day of work was Thursday, I'm 39 weeks, and my body is showing all the signs of impending labor. Now we wait. Keep in mind that Lily was forcibly evicted 9 days after she was due. Lets hope this little girl comes out on her own...and soon{ish}.

*  *  *

Also, this:

{not me}

Thank you all for the kind words about my sister. She had her ankle surgery Friday and is doing as well as anyone possibly could. I'm trying to learn from her positivity and not complain about my current state of crazy-huge-ginormo-ness. She is finally coming home tomorrow after an entire week in the hospital. There is a long road of recovery ahead of her, but she is ready to move forward and get back to her life.

Ok all, I'm off to let this baby slowly grow larger and larger until I explode!

July 11, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Our Little Family

Every once and awhile I look at Lily and Ryan and think that what we have is so perfect and once this baby arrives it will never be just the three of us again. Then I realized, we were never meant to stay this way for long. We have always been a family of four, she just hasn't arrived yet.

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July 10, 2012

A Trip to the ER (Not Me)

All this time we have been anticipating the month of July, knowing that at some point I will be in labor in the hospital. Well yesterday I was in the hospital, but I was the one doing the hand holding next to the bed. My very best friend, my lovely wonderful sister, broke her ankle yesterday. She is currently waiting patently (or impatiently?) at Harborview to see if she can have surgery today.

She was out hiking with a friend when she slipped, caught her foot on a tree root and while her body went one way, her foot stayed put. She knew right away it was broken. Luckily her amazing friend (and member of the U.S. Coastguard!) was there and knew just what to do. They were only a half mile in, but had no cell service so Jen ran to the car to look for help telling Emily to yell as loud as she could if she needed her before she got back. Jen returned shortly with a first aid kit but hadn't found any people. She then decided to just run a little way up the trail and shout "HELP!" That did the trick. Two women (who happened to both be veterinarians!) were hiking nearby and heard her call. They could tell immediately that her ankle was dislocated and probably broken. After making a makeshift splint Emily tried to hop, but it was impossible, they would have to carry her out. As the three of them carried her back down the trail they came across another couple. The woman didn't say a word and stepped right in to help carry her weight. This brings me to point one: women are amazing. When things like this happen, it reminds me why I have faith in humanity. Complete strangers. No questions asked. Someone is in trouble and they are on it. Her husband however was not much help and apparently a bit chatty. At one point the wife asked him to just stop talking for awhile, ha!

Once back at the car they called 911, asked where the nearest hospital was, and they were on their way. Point two: real friends are indispensable. The whole drive to the hospital was, I'm sure, excruciating for Emily. To distract her Jen sang songs at the top of her lungs the whole way. That is true friendship right there. Not to mention being a rockstar keeping her calm from the moment she injured herself. I am so grateful Jen was with her, thank goodness Emily knows never to hike alone.

They got to the ER, pulled off her sock and immediately heard "we need to get her a bed, now." Not a good sign, but thank goodness they knew to act quickly. Because her foot had been dislocated, blood flow had been cutoff for two hours. If they hadn't gotten everything back in place and flowing things could have taken a very quick turn for the worse. Body parts need blood people!

Once I heard from my mom that it was definitely broken I immediately called my dad with a suggestion. Strangely, two of the attorneys in my office have had very serious ankle/foot fractures in the last couple of years and they found THE GUY. While I'm sure the on-call doc at the hospital would have been fine, you do NOT mess with ankles! My sister is young and healthy and active. She runs half marathons like it's just another Tuesday. Running is her happy place and the last thing she needs is a screwed up ankle for life. After a million and one phone calls and lots of name dropping, we had THE GUY and his whole team on our side. He denied the hospital's plan to send her home to wait for surgery and immediately had her transferred to the ER in Seattle. Point three: inner city Emergency Rooms be cray. Excellent for people watching, not so excellent for the immune system.

{And then I posted this picture and everyone thought I was in labor. Whoops!}

Everyone was so amazing and helpful. Once she was admitted we met with part of the (amazing and unusually attractive according to my mom... and everyone else) ortho team and they set about re-resetting her ankle. They were only 95% happy with how it was positioned and were determined to get that last 5% before splinting her for the night. Point four: my sister is a bad ass. There really isn't much to say on that point, but I'm just telling you... if she wanted to, girlfriend could pop out 100 babies. I'm glad I was there to hold her hand.

The funniest part of the night for me was when I ventured into the hall to ask where the nearest bathroom was. The place was crazy busy and every person I asked got huge eyes looking at how pregnant I was and then looked a little panicked since NO ONE KNEW WHERE THE BATHROOM WAS. What the heck? Don't you people have to pee? Anyway, it was hilarious to see how scared they were of me in my current state. Finally a nice EMT informed me it was just around the corner.

We are hoping her surgery happens today, we are also hoping I don't go into labor while she is in surgery. I am only a little over 38 weeks, but I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and in order to be non-graphic and highly unspecific: things are happening. It could still be another week or so, or it could be today, who knows?

Ok, this was a long post, but to sum things up: women rock, friends are amazing, Harborview ER is insane, and my sister could probably, I don't know, kill a mountain lion with her bare hands. 

Not that she would.

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July 6, 2012

My Week{s} in iPhone Pics: I Adore My 2-Year-Old

As baby #2 approaches (only 2 weeks to go!) and the apparently more difficult age of 2.5 looms, I wanted to jot down some things I am LOVING about this little 2-year-old. I know I will love her even through the crazy boundary-pushing obstinate phase that most kids hit around 2-3, but right now? Right now she is just lovely. I need to bottle up everything about her right this moment so I can come revisit it if she turns into a tantrum-throwing maniac.

I love this chatty Cathy. She literally says EVERYTHING, which means we have to be veeeery careful what we say. Some of my current favorites include: instead of saying "peek-a-boo" she started saying "peek at you!" which really makes a lot more sense if you think about it. Genius. I also love how she says "sunshine!" and "yuv you mommy". It cracks me up that she has started repeating one of my pregnancy excuses back to me: "Mommy too big." Hopefully that won't continue after the baby arrives.

She can recognize her name when it is written and shouts "Yiyey!" L's are hard yo!

{Heart to heart// Big girl ponytail// Cheeseball// Sorry Taco Time//
Sick baby traps pregnant Mama in chair// After flailing and running to catch the bus// Reading// Choo-choo!}

She is completely and utterly obsessed with the "Gargub Man". Ours comes Tuesday morning, but any day of the week one might be spotted in the area. It is like Christmas every day.

Each morning she asks where everyone is. "Where Papa?" "Papa is at his house." "Where Dada?" "Dada is at work." Inevitably comes "Where Mama?" to which she then answers herself "Mama RIGHT HERE." Warms my heart, love this kid.

Also, after I get her dressed in the morning she likes to run over to the mirror and check herself out. When I ask how she looks she says "cute!"

The kid LOVES brushing her teeth. I tell her first Mama does it, then Lily can do it (I want to make sure they get brushed well). One thing we definitely hear a lot is "Yiyey do it!" Oh 2-year-old.

She can walk up and downstairs like a champ, but we still stay close. She also wants to do everything she sees the big kids doing at the park. She gets mad when we catch her as she drops from the first rung of the monkey bars.

{Taking after her dad// Snoot face// I heart my sister// Baby doll//
Listening to a story// Friend fun// Tiny person love// So good you see it twice!}

Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning she just hangs out in her crib and cracks herself up. Crazy hard squealing laughter. She also likes to go "whooooaa!" and pretend she is falling down. Who is this person?

She doesn't like having rubber bands put in her hair, but kid has some wild curls. Every once and awhile when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap she looks at me and says "Oh no, hair crazy!" She also doesn't really like her hair to be pulled back in a ponytail because when she is sleepy she likes to twirl her hair, or Mommy's hair in a pinch.

Girlfriend is usually a pretty good eater, but she definitely has her stubborn moments. I can usually get her to eat if I trade forks with her and let her use Mama's fork, or if we do a "cheers" for every bite. "Raspberry cheers!" "Chicken cheers!". Hey, I'll do anything. She also requests "cake-cakes" (pancakes) or "oatmeal breakfast" for every meal.

She only sort of understands that baby sister is on her way. She knows baby sister is in my belly and she will repeat her name (OMGADORABLE). She also loves babies and doesn't seem to mind me holding my friends' kids, so that is a step in the right direction. I know she is going to be an amazing big sister. She is so compassionate and just loves other kids and babies, but I am still expecting there to be a bit of jealousy over my attention, especially when nursing. We will get through it, she is such a loving little being.

{Oh hi// New fave// My girls// Hair did//
Be jealous of my office party// Race car!// Snack time// Daddy love.}

I love seeing her interact with other kids. She will hold hands and show them things she finds interesting. I love hearing her say "come on kids!" when she finds a particularly cool caterpillar or rock (complete with welcoming arm motion).

She is just such a little love, lots of hugs ("Biiiiig hug!") and kisses (recently including those of the Eskimo and butterfly variety). 

She loves animals and always talks about the zoo (periodically in the middle of the night, which is I mean adorable, but come on kid go to sleep). She loves trucks and cars and horses and being outside and butterflies and dogs and cats and pretty much everything awesome.

She is just so cool.

Also, how many times can I say love in one post? It is the truth. Love.

{Tumblin' shorts// Sick baby woke up happy// "Yee-haw" she said// "Helping" Mommy fold diapers//
Loving bread// Almost 38 weeks!// "Don't drink the bath water it has soap in it." "Soap. I yike it."// Carrrrrssss!}

Ok, I suppose that is enough gushing for now, but there is so much more to say. My little Lil has become such a fun girl. Every kid has their moments but overall things are pretty rose-colored over here. It is a nice little calm before the new-baby-storm. Bring it on.

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life rearranged

young and restless

July 3, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Maternity Photos!!

Remember when I was lamenting that we couldn't afford to do maternity photos with this pregnancy? Well, my amazing family surprised us with a photo shoot with our very favorite photographer Amber Brickman. We love Amber, she's not only a fabulous photographer, but also a great friend. We had so much fun. Here is a little sample:

A big HUGE thank you to my family, I am so glad we were able to capture such an exciting moment in time.

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