September 23, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics: Prickle Face McGee

1. Tiny trot 2. Sunshine stroller 3. Sparkly Chucks 4. Jammies in the tub
5. Sunburst 6. Maybe we should watch less TV 7. Lovin' leaves 8. Her favorite corner
9. Ouch! Prickle face 10. Fixin' hairs 11. Sleepy passenger 12. Swinging high
13. Is it the 1960s? 14. Mama's kind of bath 15. Daddy nuzzling 16. Story time with Papa

Photobucket life rearranged


  1. Mrs GoldilocksSeptember 23, 2011

    Hello! I'm one of your newest followers from the Friday Blog Hop! I would love if you could return the follow! Thank you so much!

  2. Awww. I love these. Too cute.

  3. MermaidtracksSeptember 23, 2011

    What have you done to get such a cute layout and design of your blog?

  4. Wow, thanks! I just played around with the html a little, but it is all basic blogger stuff. I found the background for free on-line!

  5. Oh and my friend Mandy from made the header, she is great!


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