November 3, 2011

My Week in iPhone Pics: Baby Bubble Beard

1. Laughing into the phone (imaginary friend?) 2. Its totally faux. I didn't buy it 3. Sleepy costumed babe 4. After a rough night
5. Busting out the wagon 6. Leaves 7. Reading romance novels 8. Halloween family
9. Kids trick-or-trating at the neighborhood businesses 10. Rainbow visiting me at work 11. My cute sister 12. Sir Bubblebeard McGee

life rearranged

young and restless


  1. Love the Halloween Cosutmes SO cute!

  2. Emily JohnsonNovember 04, 2011

    You really need to post that video of her talking on the phone. Just so that I can watch it over and over again.=)

  3. Hi!

    I found your blog through the restless blog hop and I just wanted to say, these pictures are so adorable! Your Halloween costumes look great too! If you have a chance, please check out my site.


  4. Adorable photos - especially Halloween! My fiance has a Green M&M costume, lol.

  5. Love the costumes. Our Ruby was Dorothy last year :) One of my favorites and a classic for sure!

  6. Love your Halloween costumes! So cute! And, the rainbow shot is awesome!

  7. Courtney PiesNovember 04, 2011

    Hello! I'm following you from the Restless week 5 blog hop! I'm following you through GFC, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Much Love,

    P.S. Cute pictures. :)

  8. Nicole CisnerosNovember 04, 2011

    Popping in from Instafriday! Also, I'm super excited to tell you that I'm your 101st follower! Yay for fun numbers like that! Anyway, very cute, and can I just tell you how adorable your family looks while trick-or-treating! So cute! Anyway, it looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL week! Yay!

  9. props to your man for dressing up like a m & m

  10. Katie SkelleyNovember 09, 2011

    Dorothy is just adorable!!!

  11. Your baby is so cute! I love the M&Ms costume by the way.

  12. Erika StoneMay 08, 2012

    Your baby is so adorable!! That M&M's costume is just classic and I love it.

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