October 3, 2011

Halloween Shmalloween

Help! What should we be for Halloween?? Here are some shots from past years to get you in the mindset:

{Rainbow Brite} 

Quick story: I was in a costume contest in Portland and one of my friends cheered me on with "Go slutty Rainbow Brite!" A stranger said "She's not slutty!" to which my friend responded "You don't know her!" 
PS - this is mostly funny due to how untrue that statement is, I promise. It came up because we had just been talking about how all girl costumes were just the sexy/slutty version of normal costumes. Maybe this year I'll be a sexy garbage man?

{Scary Devil Man}

{"God's Gift to Women" Favorite}

{Super Chelsea. Stole this idea from my lovely sister}

{Last year. I was Dorothy because I'm obsessed with Wizard of Oz and I had the shoes. We decided Ryan was a man stung by a bee? Lily was the cutest Giraffe. I love Giraffes.}

So, any ideas? My sister says I should be Hermione and Lily should be a House Elf, but I don't think I can get fake ears on her...

PS - I finally switched over to an official web address: www.thecurlycues.com. Yay right? Except I seem to have lost all of the old comments, boo. I can still see them in the comments section of my blogger dashboard and on my disqus account but they don't show on the actual blog. I am hoping this will fix itself...is that overly optimistic or what?

UPDATE: Lily has a costume. Anyone who knows me (or just read the post above) can probably guess what she will be. Hey, it is probably my last year having so much say in her costume, I have to live it up! I am still taking suggestions for my costume :)

Come back tomorrow for True Confessions Tuesdays! Write your own true confession and grab the button! The only rule is...it has to be TRUE!

True Confessions Tuesdays


  1. Hahaha, I love that Super Chelsea carries a plunger.

  2. Emily JohnsonOctober 03, 2011

    There are a few good ones missing: Juno and Pauly Bleaker, Baby Gaga, Ginny and Mr. Clean. You guys are Halloween champs!

  3. I have to admit, Ryan as a scary devil is pretty creepy. I wouldn't hand out any candy to him! Ha ha.

  4. Oh I love the Rainbow Brite! One of my favorite childhood toys!!!

  5. Love the God's gift to women! Your hubby is such a troooper.

  6. You guys are so adorable. For me, it's what these holidays are for to get the family closer together and bond. Thanks for the share!


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