October 6, 2011


So apparently I need to practice relaxing. Ever since I have become a mom it is like I can't shut my brain off. I always need to be strategizing, figuring things out, planning. I. Can't. Stop. This is what happened during my massage the other day:

Oh, I am so excited, this is going to feel so good.

Ommmmm, how relaxing.

Whoa! How did she get over there? She was just right here! She must have long arms and really silent feet.

I wonder if her hands get tired.

How many people does she massage every day?

She must see some weird things.

Ok, focus. Relax and enjoy this.

I wonder if she can tell I've been slacking on my workouts.

I bet out of all the bodies she massages mine isn't like the WORST thing she has ever seen.

What if  mine is the worst?

At least I'm laying down, everyone looks better laying down.

Oh yes, relaxing. That feels nice. Oh that tickles. Don't move, don't flinch, just breathe through it. Breathe.

I wonder what my facial will be like. I wonder how long I've been laying here. I hope not long, I want to lay here forever. I wonder what Lily and Ryan are doing. I hope she takes a good nap. I wonder why she woke up crying last night. I know that won't last forever. It won't last forever right? I wish this massage would last forever. 

I'm hungry. 

I have to pee.

Oh no, she is rubbing my head, this is the end! Focus on the relaxing...FOCUS!

Honestly I did really enjoy it, but whoa.

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