October 27, 2011

Things I Love

Now that Lily is healthy again Mom and Dad are just trying to catch up on all the lost sleep. Since I am a zombified version of myself I will just leave you with some links I love.

Are you a Nerdfighter? Watch this intro video into a youtube channel that I adore. It may take you forever, but you should probably just watch every video from the very beginning. So much wonderful nerdiness.

Also, read ALL of John's books.

This may actually be written by Suri Cruise.

If anyone sees a DVD of this movie, will you please send it to me?

Also, please buy me these in red. Just kidding, sort of.

This post about trying to use a nursing cover made me stand up and cheer, I feel your pain!

If you are a closeted curly girl, you should go read this. Though I'm not sure I'm really ready to give up my straightener...

The new book I'm reading makes me swoon (and I don't even like to use that word). If you want, read this first. They aren't a series but there is some character overlap, plus it will make you all tingly and love drunk. Cute boys... and kissing!

And finally I leave you with this:

You. Are. Welcome.


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Playing By Heart! I totally need that too! And that cake kabob. I also need that cake kabob.

  2. I'm a little bit mad about the cake picture. i'm mostly mad at willy wonka for failing to finish the tv you can reach into though. i need that cake, man. now please.

  3. Oh I LOOOOVED the post about breasfeeding! I agree 100% and I haven't even started breasfeeding!

    Elena @The Art of Making a Baby


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