October 13, 2011

17 Months and a Pumpkin Patch

Every month I can't believe how much you have changed.

Things happening now:

When we ask you what a ducky says... you quack. You also get a huge smile on your face because you know we will think it is funny.

You still do the same thing every morning when we come downstairs. You walk to each window and grab/pull/pound on the blinds until I open them, then you are off to the next one until they are all open. You love the outside.

You are constantly trying to put on your jacket and your shoes because you always want to be outside.

You even know to hold our hands when we cross the street!

You say "book" or your version which really has no "k" on the end. Always wanting books. When I get you up in the morning or after your nap you just want to sit in your crib and have me hand you books. When you ask for a new one and I hand it to you through the slats of your crib you push the old one back through at me. Only one book at a time apparently. 

You also always know which books you want to read and in what order at bed time. You point at them and I hold each one up until you stop pointing and grab it when I find the right one.

Your hair is, of course, crazier than ever. I tried to do a ponytail, but some of the curls in the back are just too tight!

You just got over a cold and we spent a few nights holding you in the rocking chair so you could sleep with your head elevated. Even though I got little sleep, it was really nice to hold you and rock you while you slept. It reminded me of when you were very small and new to the world.

We have started having to try a little "discipline", which just means if we tell you not to do something a few times and you keep doing it, we have to have a talk. I get down and ask you to look at me and tell you I need you to listen and remember, we said that we don't do that/touch that etc. You usually thrash around at first and then end by giving me a big kiss. It is too cute and totally melts my stern mom facade.

You are so funny and you love to dance.

Sometimes you sing to yourself and it always reminds me of Boo from Monsters Inc.

You are super snuggly and lovey, even more so all the time. I just love sitting with you and knowing you are mine.

I can't believe how fast this (almost) year and a half has gone, and yet I can barely remember life without my little pea.

If you read my post on Sunday, you know that we went to the pumpkin patch and it was amazing. The farm we went to was called Fox Hollow Farms and we will definitely be back...maybe this weekend. Here are the rest of my pics (mostly phone pics due to dead camera battery, doh!).

I love everything about you my crazy, happy, and VERY opinionated 17 month old!

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  1. Miranda CalkinsOctober 14, 2011

    wow she is too cute! our toddlers seem to only be a month apart! Tomorrow we are going to visit the pumpkin patch for the very first time! :)


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