May 17, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics: It Never Rained!

Here is what our week looked like according to instagram. Looks like fun to me!

{Flying at Daddy// Trying to watch Caillou// Jumping for babies!// All clean}
{Speed walker// Marmaid braid// Crazy hair by Daddy// Fancy food}
{Almost 31 weeks// Sleeping belly button// Pool party!// Cutest}

 {On the train// Fairy tent// BBQ in the sunshine// Rock Star}

{Daddy snuggles// March for Babies// Feeding ducks with Papa// Flashback}
{Train riding in the sunshine// Stoked and soaked// Dirt diggin}

Let's be instafriends: thecurlycues

life rearranged

young and restless


  1. She's such a happy happy girl! My fav, "stoked & soaked!"

  2. love the photos, your braid looks awesome, that's one thing I miss about having long hair! x

  3. The weather looks amazeballs in all the pictures.

  4. What sweet photos! My favorites have to be the one of you and your belly, and the one with your daughters hand on her belly. I'm off to follow you on instagram!!


  5. Haha, she was shivering so bad but did NOT want to get out!

  6. Thanks! It is just two braids pinned together, super easy!


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