May 4, 2012

My Week in iPhone Pics: Ice Cream, Bubbles, and Party Prep

Thanks for letting me rant a bit yesterday. I feel good today, as I should.

{Baby date// Hogwarts in my pocket// First class ride at the zoo}

{My cutests// Not my favorite thing// Pensive munching}

{Duckies for breakfast//Homemade confetti// Husbands shirt}

{Mine, all mine// Yes, again// Oh hello belly}

{She stated: "I'm cute"// French toasting// Bubbles}

{My teef hurt// Blast from the past// She is my wish}

{Dandelion wishes// Nom// More bubbles}

{Zonked after the zoo// Salted caramel yes please// She looooves this bread}

{New truck from Auntie Beth// My girls// Trying to steal your soul}

{Keeping it sanitary at the zoo// Party favors// Sparkle town}

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  1. Whoa crazy, did you go to international school? I went to Interlake :) Actually my son's T-ball games are at International school now. WAY back when it was Hyak I had elementary school there for a year.

  2. Very CUTE week! Holy moly, LOVE your sparkle town shoes!
    OMGosh... that smile in "my tweeth hurts collage... priceless.

    Hahaaaa... you have to pump your own gas! We don't!

    Lol... the sad thing is... I would not even know how! HA!

  3. LOVE the shoes in the last shot! What a great week - great pics as always. The AC/DC shirt brought back some memories. ;) Thanks for linking up as always!

  4. Fantastic pictures! Dee

  5. Kim CroisantMay 04, 2012

    Hi! New follower from Restless Blog Hop. Hope you'll stop by soon and follow be back. AND...if you would, please cast your vote on my poll. It's located in the upper left corner...can't miss it. THanks!!

  6. Tori MyersMay 06, 2012

    Hello, Can I just tell you I love your blog. Your daughter is adorable!


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