April 8, 2012

Steppin Out Saturday: April 7, 2012

Saturday we stepped out to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We may have arrived right as the hunt started... and the hunt may have lasted all of 10 seconds before the bajillion kids snatched up all the eggs, but Lily could have cared less. She doesn't even know what candy is yet. 

We made the most of the sunshine visiting the Easter Bunny and the firemen (for Lily I swear).

 {On Chelsea// Shirt: Target// Tank: H&M// Pants: Gap// Shoes: Clark's outlet//Jacket: Urban Outfitters.}

 {On Lily// Jacket: Target// Pants: Children's Place// Shoes: From my mom (like everything else she wears, but I can't remember where she got them)// Sweater: Anthropologie! (My dear friend Audrey passed this on to us after it shrunk in an accidental washing catastrophe. Thanks Audge!)}

{She just loved it.}

 {This is what making memories looks like.}

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Ahahahhaa... Love me some scary bunny & freaked out Lilly pics! (of course in the nicest possible way) Those are SO cute, but that bunny is even freaking me out! Your sweet little family is just ADORABLE! AND you look amazing girlfriend!

  2. Fun!! Do you live in Snoqualmie?? I'm from there and my parents still live there.

  3. Haha, the bunny freaked me out too!

  4. I am literally LOLing in starbucks right now. OH MY GOSH LILY! the bunny pictures, I die.

  5. ErnestineADavisApril 09, 2012

    Wow she is soooo adorable


  6. MalloryMusingApril 09, 2012

    She has the best hair! The Easter bunny freaked me out when I was little so I didn't even attempt it with Aubs, She barely got through seeing Santa.

  7. She was pissed. Totally fine right before and right after the bunny incident, so hopefully no lasting damage.

  8. Thanks Mallory, I take full credit for the hair due to Ryan's baldness ;). I never had pictured with the Easter bunny so I figured we would try it out. Lily was not a fan of Santa this year either!

  9. Meagan MurtaghApril 09, 2012

    oh my gosh, the kids looking terrified with santa and the easter bunny are the BEST photos! nice work!

    xo the egg out west.

  10. ahahaha! I poor kid. I love the cover the eye technique!

  11. Isn't is sad... and also hilarious?

  12. If she can't see it, it can't see her. ;)

  13. krayzid0rkMay 02, 2012

    I laughed hysterically at the Easter Bunny photos. I love how she covered her eyes but I feel a little scared for her. Hope she isn't traumatized forever :)



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