April 5, 2012

Eating Healthily

Here is the deal: my sophomore year of college I started having strange issues with my heart rhythm, which I have since gotten pretty much under control and don't appear to be anything major (I know you were worried!) Ever since then I have been a really healthy eater. I am all about whole grains and low-fat dairy and fruits and veggies and lean meats. During my first pregnancy I was super careful. Not too many sweets (always my weakness), lots of fruits and veggies etc. etc. 

While I was nursing Lily I was SO HUNGRY all the time and could not keep any weight on. All of my pants got way too big (I know you feel really sorry for me) so I basically just ate anything and everything I wanted. Once I began weaning Lily (from about 12-16 months) I kept eating the way I was eating and immediately gained about 10 lbs. About two months after she fully weaned, I got pregnant again (on purpose! I know, I didn't give myself a lot of time with my body to myself). I never really took the time to consciously start caring about what I was putting in my body. I am not saying I was eating fried chicken every day or ice cream every night (it wasn't EVERY night!), but I just was not really paying attention. 

Because I started this pregnancy at a slightly higher weight and definitely not as fit as I was the first time around, I have been stressing a bit about how much weight I gain and how quickly. I didn't gain much at first and then this last month... 7 lbs! I want to put a disclaimer in here that I am not one to watch my weight. I want to feel good in my clothes and feel healthy in my body. I am also not one to try to diet or anything of the sort while pregnant. However, I realized that I need to be more aware of what I put in my mouth. Already having a toddler, I barely have time to make myself a meal during the day. It is silly how much I care about what goes in Lily's mouth and how little I was caring about what went in mine. I decided I just need to surround myself with more quick healthy options. 

 {Healthy snack. Boom. In your face (not your thighs).}

{Colorful lunch: Tomato soup, mango, crackers, spinach, and turkey.}

Today is a new start. No more eating that greasy tuna melt at lunch just because I'm pregnant and I am going to gain weight anyway. I know I will feel better in general, and hopefully I won't come out of this pregnancy with more stretch marks than I entered with. If you have any quick good-for-you snacks that you love to have around, let me know. I am looking for more variety!


  1. You go girl. I'm still pumping/nursing and I can't get the weight to come off at all AND I'm dieting and exercising. Somebody forgot to tell my body that breastfeeding burns calories.

  2. I totally hear you about nursing and losing weight. After I had Bennett, I lost all my pregnancy weight in 2 weeks and then I lost more weight. It was awesome. Then once he was weaned.. gained 10lbs. BOO! This time around, I really want to try to watch what I'm eating even while I'm nursing Easton. And BTW, those snacks all look so yummy to me right now. I want them!

  3. I've heard some people experience that their body holds onto the weight until they stop nursing and then they lose it all. I bet that is what you are doing! That might almost be better, at least you will be in a healthy mind set with exercising and eating well!

  4. I think I am going to try to do the same thing! I am worried nursing wont work as well for losing weight this time and then I am in trouble! :)

  5. As I read this, i'm eating lunch...cheezy enchiladas, beans, rice....I feel bloated. I lost too much weight nursing Sky too....I was bones! He sucked the life right out of me, LITERALLY.

  6. eating healthy is soooo hard for me while pregnant because nothing healthy EVER sounds good!!! seriously, i have to gag down a salad if i eat one. it's so weird. so... i feel ya.

  7. I know! The first three months it was like only bread and cheese (and citrus) sounded remotely appealing. Not the best diet. Fortunately now my only real aversion is like soggy cooked vegetables (unless smothered in some sort of sauce of course...or cheese!) You look so great though and I can't believe you are still running! I need to get my exercise back up too.


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