April 18, 2012

22...and 23 months

Unintentional blogging break over!

Ok, so I am combining these two since my 22 month post was going to be so late anyway.

As usual, this little kid (yes, she is totally a kid!) has changed like crazy in the last couple of months.

{I mean, come on.}

The talking, oh my, the talking is out of control. Every day there are new words and phrases. I literally die every day from the cute. Some of my favorites at the moment:

- "mama", she says it oh so sweetly which is new as she use to just yell "MA". The new "mama" is usually followed by a running hug.

- "What happened?" especially after she knocks something over.

- "Here you go!" both to give us something and as a way to ask for something. The more she wants it the longer the "here" lasts. "HeEeEeEere you go!" is usually reserved for times when it is something I am not going to give her.

- "Tent!", followed by "sit!" followed by "sleepy" which means I have to go in her tent with her and lay down and pretend we are sleeping. She asks to be covered with "blankie" and always needs "baby", "choo choo" (thomas the tank engine), or "monkey" to snuggle. Then she gives the BEST hugs and kisses and snuggles while we lay there. Love it.

- She says "sit" a lot when she wants you to sit and play with her. I am a bit worried every time she has me sit in one of the tiny chairs at her play table because I am only getting bigger and I don't know how long that piece of kindling can bear my behind.

- She says "hug" and "kisses" and gives them a lot.

- She loves drinking and pretending to drink (which happens more often since she spills water all over herself if actually drinking) out of a plastic water bottle and she says "drinky" over and over. She will also give you some and feed it to her baby. So thoughtful right?

- Other words we hear a lot: eat, yay! (With arms in the air if she's really excited), wawa, juice (one of those pureed fruit/veggie pouches, we haven't really ever given her actual juice), bye (in a tiny sing-song voice), outside, TRUCK!, rock, cookie, mess (usually after she makes a mess), yucky, help, "where'd it go?", okay (says like a valley girl for some reason), please and thank you!

- When she has had it and wants to leave somewhere she is very adamant with her "All done! All done!" including the sign. Cuteness overload.

- Her very latest phrase is "look at that!" which just... I die every time.

Wow, there are so many more, but just assume everything she says is adorable.

Favorite activities include dancing while shouting "dancing!". There is even a Barney commercial that sometimes plays on Sprout and she knows all the moves. My kid. She just wants to be outside all of the time, which is less fun for Mama when it is so rainy all the time. Spring can't come fast enough. She also love love loves to color with her new giant crayons and is super excited to sit in a booster at the table like a big girl instead of in her high chair.

I have just noticed a change in her lately. She is so happy and sweet. She cuddles all the time and really listens to what I say. I am trying to soak all this up before the inevitable terrible twos hit. But we will get through them (ag!).

We also seem to have figured out her sleep schedule a bit. We have started cutting off her nap at 2 hours. As much as I miss the 3 hour naps, she was starting to wake up more in the middle of the night wanting to play. The two hour naps seem to be just enough so she mostly sleeps through the night (with the exception of some teething that appears to be starting up again. HOW MANY TEETH DO YOU NEED??).

I can't believe that in a couple of weeks she will be 2. How did that happen????? I am interrested to find out her stats at the 2 year Dr. appointment. Girlfriend is so tall. She is pretty much only wearing 2T and even a lot of 3T(!!) especially in pants, otherwise she has high-waters! I hope she embraces being tall. I think it is my job to make sure she continues to stand straight and someday is not afraid to wear heels.


  1. She is incredibly adorable, nice job with that ;) Start ballet asap, that will keep her standing tall!

  2. Aw she sounds so funny!

  3. She's such a doll!! And I'm sure she'll embrace being tall...especially since her future b/f (bennett, obviously) is super tall, too! ;-)

  4. So cute--congrats on the upcoming two year birthday. I always think that it so sad they grow so fast, but at the same time, the only get more and more fun!

  5. Awww she's so sweet! I love all the words she's saying....I always loved that with my kids as well. Melts your heart! Thanks for linking up :)


  6. Sweet post! It's funny my little one started out calling me "ma" too then it changed to mama. I melt every time she says it!

  7. I'm loving those glasses!

    Have a great WW

  8. Pat MallettApril 18, 2012

    What a wonderful blog! You two are so cute and I enjoyed reading all about the little one's talking! Thank you for taking me back in time to my own five little ones. They are grown and have their own families now. I'm a new follower and happy to be here!

  9. Enjoy your little one! I love the pics in your header as well.

  10. Amazing how quickly they change! My 4.5 year old Lily is a hoot - I love writing down the funny things she says :)

  11. Emily JohnsonApril 18, 2012

    You forgot the "Aaaaahhhhaaaaaaaahhh!" when you tell her something she doesn't want to hear. Probably not good that Auntie Em laughs really loud whenever she does that...

  12. Oh goodness I love this, she is adorable!

  13. Don't worry, my friend Katie opened her own studio and she is already making plans for Lily's solos. Poor kid doesn't have a choice ;)

  14. I know! I am so glad he is tall too ;). We will see how Easton and baby girl #2 compare here in a few months!

  15. So true! I can't believe it has been 2 years, but she really gets more fun every day!

  16. I know! I don't want to miss a thing that comes out of her mouth!

  17. dsahmblogsApril 22, 2012

    Kids are really cute.. Your daughter is so adorable..

    Visiting for WW- hope you can stop by:)



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