April 26, 2012

Oh Hey 30!

Are you ready for me to shut up about my birthday? Too bad because today is the day! Hello 30, nice to meet you. Let's be friends.

I might be MIA here over the next few days because my present has arrived...

That is Birdie. She belongs to one of my dearest friends. You see, Beth and my sister became best friends the first day of second grade. At the exact same moment only a few doors down, Beth's sister Paula and I were becoming best friends the first day of kindergarten. We have been through a lot together, including an earth shattering day a few years later when their family moved to Florida never to return. With a lot of determination and a lot of support from our parents, we have remained tight ever since. Now Beth and Birdie (the youngest of her three gorgeous children) are visiting from across the country so I am sure you can understand why I might spend less time on my computer. I promise to return with adorable double baby photos soon. 

Until then I leave you with this amazing t-shirt that we had made on some vacation or another. We wore it every Thursday when we were apart. 

Yes we did.


  1. Happy HAPPY Birthday beautiful girl! Have the best time w/ your bestie, such a sweet story! XO

  2. Happy birthday!! Welcome to the 30's. I just love this story. And that t-shirt is the best! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, welcome to your 30s! I'm not a fan yet, but I am only 4 months in!

  4. Happy Birthday- !! Today is mine as well- although this is my last year in my twenties... I too am pregnant with another little girly..due June 24th... We have a few things in common! Hope your day is wonderful!


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