February 10, 2012

Some Thoughts on Pregnancy

For those of you who have never been pregnant, it is a beautiful and wonderful time in your life. Really. It is. No, really.

For those of you who have, isn't being pregnant weird? It does such strange things to your body. There seems to be a lot of what is THAT!? and what's happening over THERE? and why am I so itchy?

Also, when your boss says "You are starting to look pregnant! And I mean that in the nicest way possible." is that a good thing?

All I know is it is the best excuse I have ever had not to participate in a polar bear plunge.

{This pic is from when I was pregnant with Lily, that is not what I look like at 16 weeks. Or is it?}

Happy Friday!


  1. I feel fat, but no one can tell i am pregnant. No itchiness yet. Just a lot of weird gurgling noises.

  2. I'm 20 weeks with #2 and today everything I put on made me look huge. Then I realized I was pregnant :) Oh yeah.

    new follower :)

  3. Oh god the itchiness! It was so much worse with my 2nd, I think partly because of the weather. But still! And you're right- pregnancy is weird. But, you know totally magical and blah blah ; ) Mostly weird tho.

  4. Oh Lordy, I forgot about the itchies! Funny how when your not pregnant you seem to remember only the good things. Yah. Honestly though, I was not a good preggers lady. Good thing it is ALL so worth it! I LOVE that pic of you (baby Lilly in da belly) & your hubz! You are/were one hott preggy mama! Xo

    Have a great weekend my friend! Eat lots of GOOOOOD stuff for me!

  5. Haha this brought up a lot of memories for me! I remember more than once thinking "this is SO weird!" when I was pregnant ;) and I loved every minute of it!
    You are such a cute preggo lady!

  6. Dude!!! Right?! I remember laying down and watching my belly shrink to a puddle and the baby go to the side. WEIRDEST thing EVER. I was like wth is going on


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