February 24, 2012

My Week{s} in iPhone Pics: Kissy Face, Chocolate Milk, and The Fatty

Well, it has been a few weeks...

1. Mama's new glasses 2. Silly mop-top 3. Getting her to make my favorite face! 4. Rain boot lounging
5. Rainy kisses 6. Watching Thomas in a disposable (can't remember why) 7. Sleepy kissy face 8. All pregnant ladies love chocolate milk
9. Just texting her friends 10. Stickers! 11. Matching hats, no big deal 12. Miss independent
13. First time in a booster ("what are YOU looking at?") 14. The Fatty (barf) 15. Magic moment with her new BFF 16. Making Mama "cookies" aka air (zero calorie cookies people!)

If you thought "The Fatty" was referring to me, we are no longer friends.

life rearranged

young and restless


  1. What is your instagram name? I wanna follow you!! :)

  2. Nicolette SpringerFebruary 24, 2012

    Love the rains boots and the kissy faces! This is my first time here. The pic of your belly with the "Hello my name is" badge is adorable. I'm expecting my second and may have to steal this idea ;)

  3. um yeah, the whole bacon topped maple bar thing has NEVER appealed to me. ewww. Lily is adorable & i'm so glad i have a good stock of chocolate milk in my fridge after seeing you & mandy's posts ;)

  4. new to your blog! love it! what a fun week! your family is beautify and i love the picture in the booster seat..."what are you looking at?" haha so finn!



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