August 25, 2011


There are times when you blissfully sleep for 9 hours straight and wake up to the happy sounds of your well rested toddler cheerfully playing in her crib.

And then there are times when you go to calm a crying teething baby in the middle of the night. As your rock and sing to her she closes her eyes and starts to sing along. When you kiss her forehead and tell her "time to sleep baby" she smiles at you and sticks her finger in your nose.

Last night was one of those times.

{Fashionista in the making? Wardrobe by Daddy}

{Mom! What does a girl have to do to get a freaking barrette around here ?}


  1. Heather ClarkAugust 25, 2011

    Hope you have a better night tonight! & She feels better!

  2. Ahahaha... Our little nose picker were meant to be! Urgggg... Lilly is just the bees knees of CUTE!
    OMGosh. LOVE her lil chair! Jax has a polka dotted one just like it! Ahhhhh... the can sit on our front porch in their chairs, & pick their cute noses! lol

  3. Oh I've had nights like that!! Bitter sweet, aren't they?

  4. Just wait until she's a teenager when you'll be begging her to wake up ;)

  5. Awww, if only we lived closer together!


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