August 29, 2011

See My Spotlight Sunday!

Just stopping in quickly to tell you I was featured on Naptime Momtog's "Spotlight Sunday" yesterday! Go check it out!

And because I can't do a post without pics:

Obviously not pleased with what she sees.

Enjoying her new wheely bug from The Paper Mama!

Walking the golf course with Daddy for the Boeing Classic. See, we can have nice weather in the PNW! (I'll stop complaining about the heat)

She gets scared when large crowds all react at the same time. Sporting events are not her favorite at the moment.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS: I created a button (my first attempt so nothing special). If you have a blog, feel free to grab it if you like!

The Curly Cues


  1. I'm checking you out! And check out Lily's turn out getting on to that ladybug. A little ballerina!

  2. Good for you Chelsea... I'm heading over to Nap time Mom tog now. Beautiful Lilly is getting super big, I adore all the sweet expresions that girl has!!

    Really cute blog button mama. I would love to put it on my sidebar!

  3. Haha, yes I have started her early! ;)

  4. Thanks Melanie! You are an expert in cute children so that makes me happy.


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