August 4, 2011

Another Wedding!?

Don't worry guys, this was wedding 5 of 7 this summer, only 2 to go!

Last weekend we attended the wedding of my beautiful co-worker in Arlington, WA. We showed up early and drove around in search of someplace to get a luck. We did, however, find a gas station that sold Zotz! Do you guys remember Zotz?? I bought like 8 packs.

But I digress.

The weather was perfect and it was a most delightful wedding.

I know what you are thinking...Chelsea, didn't you wear that same dress last weekend? Shoot! I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

No weddings this weekend, just one shower/bachelorette party! You would think I would be sick of white dresses and veils, but it never gets old.


  1. I loved the tent w/ the pretty lanterns & chandeleir! Weddings are so fun, & it great you & your hubby get some fun time together! Really cute dress... AGAIN lady!

  2. Oh I just love. It looks gorgeous!

  3. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I like it! :) I loved looking at wedding photos, even if I don't know the people haha (is this weird?) Anyway, the pictures at the top of your blog are ADORABLE and you can look at my blog, too, if you want.


  4. I was going to say...there is that dress again, I love it!

    That picture with the two littles and the veil is precious. You need to frame and send to the bride!


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