May 3, 2011

Some changes and A look back: Month 2 (June 5-July 4, 2010)

When I started posting here a few months ago, my idea was to record a journal to help me remember all of the details of life as a new mom and pass those on to my little girl. I had read other peoples’ blogs about their children and families and thought it was such a fun way to capture moments that might otherwise be lost in the hustle and bustle of living. I would love a window back into my mother’s life will little baby me (and that other kid she had before me, what's-her-name) and that is enough motivation for me to try to document the day to day excitements of having a little one. I began writing just to Miss Lily, but over the past couple of months other people have started reading what I have written. I realize now that this is not only an amazing tool for capturing memories, but also a fun way to meet and talk to new friends who share common interests or just enjoy a good squishy baby picture.

I am still writing here for my daughter so one day she can see how I cherished her every giggle and fretted over her every tear, but I think it would be rude not to acknowledge the other lovely people who stop by to visit and share in the silly little stories of my family. This doesn’t really change anything except that writing directly to you Lily might seem a little strange, so forgive me if I change tenses here, but it is still ALL about YOU!

That said, I am still determined to get my photos and thoughts from the past year posted here, so I will make a quick trip back to Lily’s second month. In no particular order... a photo explosion:

Again...her favorite place to sleep. (A lot of these are pictures from my phone. Not the best quality, but too precious to leave out!)

I forget what it was like when she slept all the time ;) Now it is go go go!

I loved to just sit and hold her while she slept for hours. What a luxury. Oh, I also watched a lot of Real Housewives of New Jersey and So You Think You Can Dance.

This made me laugh until I cried.


With her Auntie Em (aka what's-her-name ;)) at Nordstrom! Best place for nursing mamas.

It was rare, but a few times she would nap in bed with me in the morning. I love the sweet little snuggles! Once I tried nursing laying down, but I couldn't burp her well and she just ended up spitting up all over me.

We have a huge 4th of July celebration in our neighborhood. She might still be too little this year, but next year it will be Lily heaven!

Love these overalls from my sister. We had to put a disposable diaper on her or they wouldn't fit!

First time in the Bjorn! I ended up preferring the Ergo, much more comfy for the wearer.


One of her favorite places. I miss this thing now that she is on the move. Once she actually fell asleep here for 30 min then woke up and started playing again like nothing had happened.

Love these two together.

With my mom, one of her favorite places to sleep.


My dad ALWAYS fell asleep when she did, so funny.

Love the pout.

At the Rock n Roll half marathon. She slept from the moment we left the house, all the way to Seattle, all during the race and all the way home. Without this picture she would never know we went.

Meeting her twin cousins. They were only 6 weeks younger, but she looks like a giant monster baby! (A cute one). It doesn't help that she looks like she is double punching them.
I think this was the start of napping in the swing. That thing saved us for months!
Baby Shrek

The day she turned two months old! With Ugly Doll!

In current news we got back from a trip to Colorado last week and everyone had a cold! We are all slowly recovering, which is difficult to do when no one is sleeping well. I had my birthday last Tuesday and now we are gearing up for Lily's party this weekend. I can't even begin to talk about how fast this last year has gone. Better stop writing or I will cry. Only two more days until my little baby is a year. How did this happen?!

I'll be back soon with lots of teary-hormonal-mom-reminiscing and party planning craziness!


  1. Love those curls! Those little twins are so tiny!

  2. Love those curls! Those little twins are so tiny!


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