May 19, 2011

Oprah, Bieber babies, and lipstick

A couple of days ago I was watching Oprah during Lily's nap and I was bawling! Babies dying in cars because their moms forgot to drop them off at daycare? Why do you tell me these things Oprah?! Maybe I am hormonal, but sometimes it feels good to have a real cry. 

She also showed an old interview with Toni Morrison and they talked about something that kind of hit home: the need for every person to have a place that is "theirs". Morrison finds it in her writing, she creates and controls everything, it is hers. She said she thinks every one needs a place like this, even if it is just gardening, a place to create something that is our own. 

Maybe it sounds silly, but I think this little journal might be my place. I have only just started here, but my whole life I have focused on documenting. I have always been the friend who takes all the photos and makes the videos of our hijinks. I don't totally know where this obsession comes from, but I do know that I love my friends and my family. It may also have to do with a fear that I think a lot of people have...forgetting and being forgotten. I think one of the worst things that I fear is someone I love developing amnesia or Alzheimer's disease. I have to struggle with balancing my need to document everything and my desire to actually live in the moment. I have to remind myself that I need to focus on seeing what is happening and not view my life through the camera lens. Maybe this will be my place. I can trust this little blog to keep my memories safe for me and get on with living my happy life!

Right now Lily is changing so much, I must force myself to take it all in. Just in the last couple of weeks she has started pulling up on everything. Before she never had any interest in standing and now it is all she wants to do.

Good morning!

Can we go out there please?

Oh, let me climb on my high chair every second of the day and fall and hit my cute face on the cross bars, that sounds like a great idea!

Every day she becomes more of a little person. I can really see that she understands what I say. She has also started trotting over and giving me big open-mouthed kisses without my even having to ask. Then she just turns around and is off to the next adventure. 

I have melted into a mama puddle of love, sunshine, and happiness.

It looks a little something like this.

I get this little excited flip in my stomach every time I think of something new that I will get to experience with her. A couple of weeks ago I bought her first swimsuit. She doesn't even know what swimming is, she is gonna pee her pants with excitement! Well, I suppose she does that anyway.

I get to introduce her to things she has never seen, that makes me so cool! Can you imagine seeing sidewalk chalk for the first time?!

The other day I gave her her first butterfly kisses. I can't believe I have never done that before! She thought it was hilarious and would nuzzle in to kiss me on the cheek. The next day, I saw her giving a butterfly kiss to her baby doll. Melt, melt, melt.

Have I mentioned I love this girl?

I think they might like each other.

I know I need to edit my photos and at least remove red-eye! Try to look past the horrible camera quality and see the cute expression of love for her daddy.


We also had a big moment this last week. She said her first real word! She has been saying "dada" and "mama" for awhile now, and she has probably been saying this new word for a bit, but we have now determined that she means it.


She says "baby" and it is so cute. I wish I could get it on video (see! obsessed). I have to admit that the main reason she says baby is because my husband and I sing Justin Bieber's song "Baby" to her... a lot. I don't know why, maybe because it is repetitive, but she likes it. I'm not a crazy Bieber fan, nor do I dislike his music. It is catchy and he seems like a nice kid (WOW I sound old), but it is pretty funny that this lead to her first word. She sings along with us now.

I might have a few new people reading this today. I wrote a guest post about our wedding for my friend Mandy's blog A Sorta Fairytale last week and a few of her readers have said some very nice things to me! How fun! Unfortunately, the day I posted on her blog Blogger malfunctioned and ended up deleting my post and all of the nice comments! Boo! I might re-post it here later since it no longer exists anywhere and I had so much fun writing it.

True confession: guess what I still have hanging in my living room?

They make me feel happy.

In an unrelated note I am trying to become one of those women who wears lipstick. So far I find it difficult. The reapplying, the wiping off of baby cheeks, the husband who won't kiss you. I will persevere.

Ducky and Lily say see you later!

Anyone have any lipstick wearing tips?


  1. I feel like the first step to wearing lipstick is buying it. So I suppose I'm behind on the times.

    She adorable, love her first word.

  2. She's so darn cute. Love her curls (: What a sweet first word!

  3. She's so darn cute. Love her curls (: What a sweet first word!


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