April 19, 2011

Months 10 and 11!

How has time passed so quickly? We are almost at a year and here I am always trying to catch up! There is so much to say about you, but I guess I'll leave it to a few anecdotes and some of my favorite pictures from the last two months. Maybe this effort is futile, but I want to have my favorite photos and memories in one place. Don't give up I tell myself! So here we go!

Playing with your friend Katie

Possible future boyfriend? Reid

We had such an adventure trying to take this photo. Katie and Reid were going crazy and you sat there like "why are you all shouting at us?"

You have changed so much in the past two months. You are crawling! It was a steady progression. You could sit on your own and started reaching for things further and further away. Then you figured out how to get from sitting to your belly. How frustrating for you! You could not get back! Then one day you just did it. You pushed yourself up to sitting and looked around like "how did I get here?" That same night you went for it. Mobile. You are so proficient now. Such a fast little scoot with your diaper wiggling back and forth. You are adventurous and curious, each day traveling further and exploring new things.

You love to have bare piggies. No socks please!

Daddy with his valentines!

You are so funny! You laugh all the time. Sometimes at us, sometimes at yourself. I love your big toothy grin.

10 month Ugly Doll picture! CRAZY hair

I had to include both because they were equally cute.

We took you out to dinner the other day and you were dancing to the music. Halfway through the meal you started yelling. Not in a mad way, but in an I like to hear my voice kind of way. I was worried that we were bothering the people around us, then I saw that they were all smiling and waving at you. Your cuteness will get you far in life.

Matching jeggings, so fashionable.

Family self-portrait! You and Daddy each have one squinty eye.

You are very vocal. Your favorite thing to say sounds like "sure sure". So many new sounds every day, I can't wait until they start forming into words that the rest of us understand.

"Helping" Auntie Em open her birthday presents.

This is Papa's favorite outfit. Daddy says you look like a fashionable prisoner with all those stripes!

What did Ducky ever do to you?

Lily and Ducky going for a ride in the box.

In just the past week you have really made the transition from baby to little girl. All of the sudden I have a kid! Not a baby, a kid! You are so fun to be around. When we are in groups of people you are quiet and observing. Once you are comfortable you are silly and loud. I love watching you discovering your world. There is so much left to explore.

11 month Ugly Doll photo! (Yes, you are wearing the same jammies as last month, I promise you wore other things in between).

I am getting excited for all of the fun things in our future. I can't get too far ahead of myself so for now I will just plan for the big birthday fiesta!

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