September 13, 2013

This Post Comes to You in Three Parts...

Why three parts you ask? Because I said so! Also because none of them have anything to do with each other.

Part 1: Hair

I cut my hair! Not like oh hey, I cut my hair, but like I really really cut it, like probably 10 inches cut it.

See there is this little book I love called The Fault in Our Stars, you may have heard about it by now, but I knew about it first! Just kidding, it isn’t a contest. Or is it? No, it’s not. Anyway, the book is by one of my favorite authors and is currently being made into a major motion picture starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. See, the book is about teenagers with cancer, but it isn’t really about that at all. Just trust me and read it if you haven’t already. It is a cry, laugh, cry/laugh book that will make you feel all the feels.

But back to my hair. Shailene Woodley is playing the protagonist, Hazel, and for the role needed to cut her hair. She decided to donate her hair to Children with Hair Loss and invited fans of the book, the movie, happiness, and life in general, to join her in donating.

Before you think: “hey weirdo, some actress asks you to cut your hair and you just do it?” Well yes, that is exactly what happened. But, it isn’t my first time at the hair donation rodeo! Five years ago, right after my wedding my sweet 4-year-old niece/flower girl donated her hair and inspired me to do it as well! It is just hair, it grows back. You should do it too! If you don't have enough hair to donate, you can help someone who does. My amazing mom and sister paid for my hair cut! Gooooo family (and free haircuts)!
I love it, it is so easy to wash, and I can still make a tiny ponytail! I’m just going to be a hair farm every few years. Gross. Hair farm.

Part II: Preschool

Lily started preschool, holy cute!

I wasn’t that nervous about the first day drop-off because we did a couple of summer camps at her school over the last few months and she did great then. Cut to first day drop-off and: SHE CRIED! Oh no! I was totally that mom who called 3 ½ minutes after drop-off to ask if she was ok. The front desk lady told me I just had to hold it together a few more hours. Hey, FU lady! Also, touché.

She did great after the first 2 minutes and hasn’t cried since. Instead she gives me “bye Mom.” as she walks off. Which is worse? Now she’s all singing songs and saying “you sing too!” and I’m all “I don’t know that song.” She is a real person with a piece of life separate from mine. Wah. Also yay.

Part III: Mila

Just a quick post to say: this kid. I just can’t even. All the cute. Sometimes I take her out just so I can hold her up to people and say: “look what I did!”

She is fun. When she says “no” it sounds like “now” and gives me mommy giggles.

*end random post*


  1. I love random posts!

    Thanks for that book recommendation, I really enjoyed it. Are you feeling lighter with less hair?

    Dane sings all sorts of songs from preschool I don't know. #momfail

    I love how you love Mila, you did good mama, you did good.

  2. i love that you donated your hair! i have always wanted to but never have the patience to get it long enough, ha! maybe this time i'll go for it! or maybe i'll keep it short. welp.

    ps, i miss you like crazy - can we play soon?

    1. Haha, you will never have enough hair now that you went short and sassy! We need to figure out schedules now that Lily and Stella are both in school!

  3. I love your hair and I love you....and your kiddos. I miss you.

    1. I miss YOUUUUU! I can't believe Ben is practically a grown-up now!


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