June 7, 2012

Road Trip!

They are here! The professional photos from Sara Gray Photography! I haven't talked much about my trip to the PNW blogger meet up in Portland, but it was an absolute blast. I rode down with the wonderful Emily and Melissa and we pretty much talked about anything and everything you can think of while desperately searching for a rest stop (Melissa and I both have babies sitting on our bladders!) When we arrived we immediately did some solid tax-free shopping and stuffed our faces with Chipotle. While Melissa got her hair cut, Emily and I wandered around the cute little Portland boutiques and drooled over way-too-expensive-but-totally-adorable polka dot maxi skirts. All I have to say is it's a good thing I can't fit into cute clothes right now. After a quick swing by the hotel for a costume change we were off to the meet up!

I was so excited to see so many ladies that I already knew and loved, meet some that I loved and had never met (Libby!) and also get to know the rest of the new shiny beautiful faces! 

Ok, time for a photo explosion:

{Upon arrival. What? We were hungry! I know what you're thinking, I'm SUPER attractive, I'll teach you someday.}

 {Get the girl a glass of wine! She had to represent for the rest of us who could not partake due to growing tiny humans.}

 {Aren't they adorable? Libby and Lauren.}

 {I mostly avoided all photos like the plague, but look how cute my friends are! Pictured above in some fashion: Emily, Melissa, Chelsey, Fiona, Mandy, Amy, Jill, Gretchen, Libby, Mandy, Carolyn and Lauren}


After the event wrapped up we were armed with our swag bags and I was all about getting some dessert. Well, once we got the SIX of us into our hotel and actually sat down, there was no moving. We slowly got ready for bed as we talked and then turned out the lights and continued to talk for literally the whole night. I would doze off, wake up and make a comment and then drift back to sleep. It was like sleeping with the TV on only I could participate! Needless to say we were all very tired when our natural I-have-a-kid alarm clocks went off just after 7. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. These women are fantastic people and I am so glad to call them my friends.

{Amazing brunch at Mother's Bistro. Go to Melissa's blog and read the recipe for the crunchy french toast we had, I mean...cornflakes is all I'm saying. These pics and the one below courtesy of Emily.}
 {Baby factories, apparently.}

Thank you to all who helped plan this event and to all the lovely friends old and new who gave great hugs, laughs, and belly rubs. A special shout out to Weston for letting me snuggle him at brunch. I needed some baby cuddles.


  1. RichardLAndersonJune 07, 2012


  2. Aaaah, these pics are FAB. You guys definitely had a great time!!!

  3. I look like such a weirdo in so many of this pictures! It was such a fun time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ahhhh... this looked like the most fun! Dude, I SO have to join you gals one of these times... I live in Salem & really have no excuse. SO funny, we were at Mothers a couple weekends ago. Pretty fabulous food! YOU LOOK SOOOOO PRETTY MAMA!

  5. I loved last weekend!! That's all I will say about that!

  6. Carolyn KipperJune 07, 2012

    You girls are all so cute and fun. You are a GORGEOUS pregnant lady. Seriously! Glad I met you guys!

  7. Aw, looks like such a fun time! You all are just too cute.

  8. What gorgeous photos of some fun times! Thanks for linking up with Twinkle in the Eye for Flash Blog Friday :-)

  9. Hi Chelsea. Just letting you know that yours is the featured post for Flash Blog Friday at Twinkle in the Eye. Drop by and see! http://www.twinkleintheeyeblog.com/2012/06/flash-blog-friday-linky-party_15.html

  10. Hi there! these pics are great! I'm a new follower via Twinkle in the eye Flash Blog Friday! x

  11. Wow, thank you so much! That is awesome!

  12. Hi! Nice to meet you, thanks for saying hello!


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