June 13, 2012

Everyday Victories!

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Thank you to P&G and Kroger stores for celebrating “Team Mom’s Everyday Victories”! Please visit the P&G's event page to play games, win money off your next Kroger trip and more fun!

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At 34 (Almost 35!!) weeks pregnant, even the smallest things can be considered everyday victories. Just the other day I was able to  get Lily and I both up, dressed, fed and out the door in time to attend her playschool class at the YMCA. This may sound like an easy feat for most, but considering how hard it has been for me lately to just get up and down the stairs (darn hips!), not to mention the terrible stomach virus I had been fighting for the previous few days, to me it was a victory.

As my pregnancy has progressed I find myself feeling guilty about not being able to be as active with Lily. Even just going on a walk to the park can be quite the process these days and I know things are only going to get harder when our second baby arrives. Over time I am sure I will get the hang of being a mom of two, but for now and for the near future I am trying to cut myself some slack and celebrate when things go right.

{This photo was taken after a rough night and a long day. I had been sick and Ryan was so helpful with Lily all night and day. I was able to enjoy some snuggles with my girl while Daddy caught a much needed cat nap on the couch. Victory for Team Mom!}

I am so lucky to have such a helpful and caring husband to take over some of the parenting load when I am sick, or exhausted, or just plain TOO PREGNANT to do something. In these last weeks of pregnancy I vow to not be so hard on myself and revel in the little things.

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I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.

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