January 6, 2012

My Month in iPhone Pics: Lily is 20 Months Old!

I haven't posted iPhone pics in over a month, so here are some of the pics from December as I tell you about my amazing ever-changing 20-month old! (Two birds and all that...)

Lily: you are a crazy little person. I know I skipped your 19-month post, don't be mad. I cannot believe how much has changed in the past two months. You have truly become a kid. 

{1. Jammies 2. Knock it down! 3. Bubble beard strikes again 4. Checking out the "duckays"
5. Your favorite park 6. Miss Independent 7. Mama gets her first haircut in 7 months 8. Kissing Daddy's head}

You are so loving, like I ask for a hug and you walk across the room with your arms out to give it to me. Sometimes they come unprovoked, those are the best. 

You talk SO much. I think your first full sentence was "Where is she? There she is!" Which has now transformed into "Where'd it go?" You say "Oh no!" a lot with much concern. Sometimes if you wake in the middle of the night you become very concerned about different thing, namely "oh no, ball!" and "oh no, ducky!"

Words that end in "k" get a kay sound from you. Duck is "duckay", there is also "bookay" "kickay" and "walkay". It is adorable. I can't even list all the words you know, it amazes me every day.

Now that we are communicating more it REALLY frustrates you if we don't understand. For awhile we had to have a lot of talks about not hitting, but it seems to have lessened recently. Any time we talk sternly to you you immediately hug and kiss us. Trickster.

{9. Baby astronaut 10. Melting hearts with Papa 11. Teething 12. Conquering Mt. Papa
13. Checking out the swing 14. Astronaut kiss for Daddy 15. So cute in Daddy's hat 16. Mama gets a night out with the girls}

You love love love playing with other kids, which we don't do nearly often enough.

Your favorite thing to do is read books. By yourself, or with us, doesn't matter to you. Just give me a bookay!

You pretty much have all of your teeth except your 2-year molars. The top canines are still pushing through but they weren't nearly as painful as the bottom 2.

You are SO tall. Taller than almost all the boys. This is a good thing and don't you forget it!

Sometimes you sing to yourself or ask us to sing and if we sing the wrong song you say "no, no, no" until we get the right one.

You were so in love with our Christmas tree you would just squeal "treeeee!" and "pretty!" All you wanted to do all day was go look at it and try to put your toys in it. One evening we lost power for a few hours and the tree wasn't lit, so you made sure to take the battery-operated fake flames we used for our pumpkins last Halloween and stick them all in the tree. It was quite pretty. I am glad we didn't have a fake tree or I may have been tempted to leave it up for you year-round.

You smile big scrunchie-nosed smiles and laugh big laughs all the time. You also love to dance and do ring-around-the-rosy, but I have to make you fall down at the end.

You talk on your play phones a lot, always starting with the tiniest "hi" and then some jabbering, a big laugh and a tiny sing-song "bye".

{17. Checking out each others' bellybuttons 18. Tree! 19. Cooking 20. Lounging
21. giving the leaves a good "kickay" 22. Another cold afternoon walk 23. Recovering from the stomach flu 24. Napping with Daddy
25. Toy train! 26. This should not be encouraged 25. Your obsession 26. High 5!}

Oh there is so much more that I love about you I just can't put it all into words. You are becoming my little buddy and you make me so happy every day.

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  1. Emily JohnsonJanuary 06, 2012

    This makes sick auntie Em very happy.

  2. She IS getting big! Still cute as a button. :) love these pics. Thanks so much for linking them up. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. She is such a big girl mama! LOVE how much you LOOOOVE her. Xoxo

  4. fivegarrettsJanuary 06, 2012

    What a cutie! :) I just discovered your blog and can't wait to get to know you more! :)

  5. happy 20 months Lily. Her little kitchen is amazing!


  6. She sounds like so much fun!

  7. Childhood MythsJanuary 13, 2012

    I am a new follower...love the pics of your little cutie...and congrats on your big news!
    Hope you will visit: http://childhoodmyths.net/blog


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