January 20, 2012

Just Checking In...




Whichever you prefer.

We have been without power or (gasp!) internet due to snowyicefreezingcraziness. I finally made it to work for the first time this week and then immediately our servers went down. IT IS FOLLOWING ME!

Fret not, servers are back up and operation chargeallthethings is in full effect. Don't worry, I am also working...plus it is totally lunch time right now so back off!

A few quick pictures to help you die of cuteness overload...

  {Snow is just starting to fall, but she is ready!}

 {I want to be up there with the big kids!}

{Snowball fight!}

 {I don't think she likes the snow...}

 {With Nani and Papa...and some guy in an orange hat.}

{I'd like to lie and take credit for that awesome snowman, but alas it was not I. Just keeping it real folks. PS - There is a lift ticket on my coat from 1998. Time for a new one? I think I look amazingly frumpy.}

Now somebody get this girl a hot shower and a toasty bagel!


  1. that is awesome that your lift ticket is from 1998. pretty much my favorite part!

  2. Emily JohnsonJanuary 20, 2012

    Yes, you definitely need a new coat. Thanks for posting pictures, sister! I so wish I had been snowed in with you guys instead of all by myself. But at least I had power. See you Sunday!

  3. Ok. First off, I missed your funnny lil tush! Second... STOP it NOW.... The PINK snow suite, that hat, the matching plaid jacket.... AND then there is that crazzzy cute little Lilly! Too much Cute, can't stand it! XOXO

  4. Love the family picture. And I, too have some REALLY old lift tickets on my winter jacket. Whoops. :)

  5. a snow babe in hot pink! too cute! and yes, you are definitely deserving of a new jacket...1998...wow! that's impressive.

    xo chanel

  6. Fun! That is one massive snowman. I didn't get to make one this time :( I made it to work Friday because there was power there and not at home, and then it went out at work too! Still no internet or cable at our house. Falling trees are really messing with me..


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