June 27, 2011

My week in iPhone pics

These aren't in chronological order, but random is good right?

1. Me with my baby and her baby 2. My girl playing cars with the big boys at Bradley's birthday 3. Cupcake jammies and hair bows 4. Feeding Daddy some O's 5. Trying to crawl under her table and getting stuck 6. A much needed glass of wine after a rough bedtime (dang molars!) 7. Snuggle time with Auntie Clover 8. A tiny plumber's butt 9. Sweet face 10. Mama snuggles 11. Getting out of her chair like a big girl 12. Caught a moment after giving her baby some very nice kisses 13. This kid loves being outside 14. Taking some cues from Michaela and Andrea and loving my striped maxi dress 15. Delectable toes 16. A door that is just her size


  1. Cute collage!! Love that striped dress and those baby feet!

  2. Feeding Daddy. Awwww! Love that maxi dress!

  3. oooh, love the maxi! lookin good mama!


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