June 6, 2011

California girls are unforgettable

What a beautiful wedding.

Traveling with a baby can be pretty stressful. They don’t get enough sleep and they can’t get out all of their energy without risking contracting some serious bacteria from the airport carpet. Everything just gets a little off. That said, my girl did great.

The plane ride down to California she was awake and happily playing the whole time…only to fall asleep as we landed. I managed to carry her off the plane asleep, but she woke up once we were in the bustling terminal.

The weekend was fraught with some crankiness here and there (Lily, not me! Ok well maybe a little) with crazy off-schedule naps, being woken up by tromping cousins at night, and being forced into a dress which prevented the use of her little legs. Overall we just enjoyed the coziness of waking up to a house full of jammied cousins, aunts and uncles. Eating waffles and watching Tangled (with the majority of those watching over the age of 12 I might add). A house filled to the brim with love and air mattresses.

The festivities began with mani-pedi’s for the girls and then a wonderful rehearsal brunch complete with mimosas (a perk of only nursing morning and night...day drinking!).


 Cheeseball grin.

 With the lovely bride and friends. PS - I got a spray tan.

That evening the groom's family hosted a traditional Turkish henna night. We enjoyed some food, a henna ceremony, the jug dance (which I thought was something else, wink wink), and of course the Raki! Raki is an alcoholic beverage that tastes like licorice, not my favorite taste, but the longer I sipped, the more I liked it! Who knew!?

Gorgeous decorations. I want my house to look like this every day.

Drinking the Raki a.k.a. Lion's Milk (that's my lion face)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. I knew I would be emotional watching my sister-in-law going through her wedding day without her mom. I held it together pretty well, with the exception of watching the groom’s mom help her into her wedding dress, and during a beautiful song sung in her mom’s memory at the reception.

My awesome niece doing my make-up. Yes I have a 20 year old niece, and she is not even the oldest! This is what happens when you marry the second youngest of 7 kids! I am so lucky to have married into a family that I love so much.

 Isn't she gorgeous!?

 Her debut! She did great. Ryan, however, forgot to throw the petals.

The family continued their tradition of wedding shenanigans (see said past shenanigans here) by inducting the newest member of the tribe. Our family has drawn from many lands, the Philippines, Mexico, Iran, Scotland, and Sweden (thankyouverymuch) among others, so we were excited to welcome our newest Turkish member.

Vikings, Scotsmen, and Philippine warriors oh my!

Ryan the Swedish Chef!

The drinking of the traditional Aquavit.

Being sworn into the family.

The whole crazy crew.

I wish I had taken more pictures of all the little details of the wedding, they did such a beautiful job of making everything personal.

Twinkly mason jars with personalized burnt wood hearts (made by the groom!).


Super cute "Eat Drink & be Married" banner.

  A sparkly exit strategy.


I love my family.

The lovely Tams, from whom I stole all of these photos.

 Party in the hallway!

We headed home with very little sleep and even less make-up. My hair was still super-sprayed into the shape of my bridesmaid do. Lily fell asleep shortly after take-off. Tears, hugging, mama singing and…out. She slept cradled in my arms for the whole flight and woke up with a smile.

She was so happy to be back to the land of baby-proofing where she could roam as she pleased. I spent the next morning trying to stay awake on the couch as she played. Every now and again she would trot over and pull up on the couch to give me a smile or a kiss. Crawl-by snuggling is the best.

The 30 day shred is going well, I sort of took the weekend off replacing the workouts with long walks. Hope the rest of you mamas are still kickin, I can't wait to hear all of the updates!

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  1. She looked adorable! I love that Ryan forgot his flower petal job ;)

    Love his family too, those wedding initiations are hilarious!


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