August 2, 2013

Mila Turns One!

My tiny baby girl turned one and in a surprising turn of events I didn’t end up in a puddle of tears and sauvignon blanc. Yes I have been nostalgic thinking back on the past year, but I am trying to just focus on the present and how undeniably awesome she is right this second. We calebrated with friends and family this past weekend and it was nothing short of perfect. I decided a party at a park near our house would be fun for the kids and low key enough that I wouldn’t feel any pinterest-pressure (yes it's a thing). Balloons, streamers, food, friends, and a lot of sunshine was all we needed. I made the very same Apple Swirl Cake that I made for Lily's first birthday, and let's just say I think she enjoyed it. 

HUGE thanks to my mom for so much help and food and love and also food.

The girls had so much fun, almost as much fun as I had. 

I know you are wondering...yes she kept the crown on for the whole party, no she didn't know it was there. 

Also, Mila received a bunch of awesome gifts, but of course her favorite is this owl water bottle from Auntie Jess because she can suck water up the straw (!!) and then spit it all over herself... also it's from Nordstrom and girl has her standards.

Yes, keeping her.


  1. Aww. That is so lovely, I loved reading the post and looking at the photos. May your daughter have many happy ones more! :)

  2. I can't tell u how much I love this...Parker's first birthday is coming up and I'm just so over all the crazy over the top birthday parties for kids. This is exactly what I think I might do!


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