February 2, 2011

Sharing the News

We had so much fun telling our friends and family that we were pregnant.  The day we got back from the doctor (where I had an official blood test even though she said 4 positive pregnancy tests were probably enough!) we gave Auntie Em a “housewarming” gift over at Nani & Papas house.  When she opened it, it was a tiny baby onesie! They were so very very excited. Some friends we were able to tell in person, I would just slip it into casual conversation, or wait for them to notice that I didn’t order a glass of wine at happy hour. Others we told over the phone or eventually in e-mails. Universally everyone was beyond excited and many happy tears were shed.

Just before I went “public” with our news, I made sure to contact close friends that I hadn’t had a chance to tell in person. I thought it might be fun one day for you to be able to read some of their responses:

Andrew S.
 to me, courtney
show details 3:12 PM (0 minutes ago)
Whoa.  Hold up.  Did you conceive on my wedding night!!!!  That is so cool!  I mean, that's what Courtney and I do - we make special things happen!  Of course, it didn't happen for us (THANK GOD!) but I'm so happy it happened for you!!!!  That just makes my wedding day all the more special.  I am so happy for us all! :)

Totally kidding.  Obviously I'm smart enough to know that you didn't conceive on my wedding night.  Pregnancies are 11 months long and thus, if you're due in April, you conceived months before my wedding day.  (kidding again!)

Kidding aside, I'm so happy for you guys!  I told Court (who hadn't checked her email yet) and she screamed!  We're pumped for you cause you guys are gonna be such good 'rents (weird that you're gonna be a mommy - wow).  Let's plan a time next week to do dinner or something to celebrate - you guys around?

Oh, and....how serious were you regarding that whole "not public knowledge" thing.  Is it bad that I sent a text to my whole phonebook making the announcement?  I was just so excited! ;)  (again - kidding.  Promise!)

Stephanie B.
 to Bjorn, me, Ryan
show details 11:44 AM (1 minute ago)
Congratulations you two!  It is so fun and you will love being
parents.  I am excited Camden will have a playmate and in time for
Doden and Emily's wedding too :).   We are so excited to have another
couple with a baby!!!!  I hope you are feeling okay Chelsea....Old
Navy online is a good place for maternity clothes :).  Congrats again
and hope to see you soon!


Sarah R.
 to me
show details 6:55 AM (4 hours ago)
CONGRADS CHELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you and yur
belly!! that is so great. I should be home around the end of the
month, so I will see you then, or thanksgiving, or whichever comes
first...Can't wait!!! and Congratlations again!! Xoxoxo

Kristen R.
 to me
show details 4:58 PM (18 hours ago)
Chelsea!!! Congratulations!!! Indeed mom has been very good and hasn't said anything to us. Thanks so much for sharing with us and letting us in before it is "public". I won't tell anyone (not sure who I'd tell!). How are you feeling??? Hope you're doing well.I'll be in seattle in December, so I'll probably see you at Christmas!  Lots of love to you and Ryan.


 to me
show details 9:35 PM (13 hours ago)

I'm sorry, if you missed that, it was:


I am so so happy for the two of you! I hope I get to see you soon, too!

Much love,


Chels!!!!! congrats!!!!!!! i am so so so so SO happy for you.

this is so fantastic. you are hte best grandma ever so i know tat you will be the best mom ever too!!!!!

so happy for you and ryan, friend!

i promise i won't say anythign


 to me
show details 5:57 PM (17 hours ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're freaking out for
you (don't worry - this is GOOD freaking out, not bad freaking
out!!!!)!!!!!!  This is the BEST news I've had since Andrew said, "I Do!"
I am soooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!

Andrew agrees that we should all go out and celebrate!!!!  When are you
guys free?  How about dinner soon?  Andrew has school Monday-Wednesday,
but any other days work great for us.  Andrew just said that this will be
perfect because he and Nelly and I can all get really trashed in your
honor, and you can drive us around!  I told him as punishment for his
ridiculous comment, he will remain sober and you will order all the virgin
drinks you want and then proceed to pretend to get crazy drunk and HE can
drive all of US around!  He didn't like that idea as much ...

Oh this is so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  April 26
is a good day - not only because it is your birthday, but because it is
the day before my little brother and Eliza Arai's birthday also - so it's
a GREAT time to be born!  I can hardly contain myself!  I'm so
happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Andrew says to change that to WE'RE so happy
... WE'RE SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us know when you are free!!!!!


P.S - Your secret is safe with us!!!!  We kept the Bjorkmans' secret for
over a month!

Bjorn B.
 to Ryan, me, Stephanie
show details 5:06 PM (18 hours ago)
Wow, thats awesome.  We are so excited for you.  You both have messages on you cell phones right now too.  Yeah, Steph noticed that Chelsea wasn't drinking at Shultz and Courtney's wedding and we might have mentioned that it could be baby related.  But we only mentioned to ourselves so no one else suspects.  So my math may be a bit off but that puts you at about 10 or 11 weeks along now right?  Or I might be off.  In any case hopefully you are getting close to being done with the first trimester.  Steph said that was by far the worst.  Hopefully the morning sickness hasn't been too bad.  Yeah, we are gonna have to have lots of play dates.  So excited.  Ok I'm done now.  And I promise to keep my mouth shut.  Have fun telling everyone.  Thats the fun part.  Talk to you soon.


P.S.  Steph and I pretty much just hang out at the house now so if you want to practice baby things you should come on out.  Just let us know you're coming.

Sean K.
 to me
show details 4:36 PM (18 hours ago)
That's so cool. I'm so excited for you and Nelly. It was fun seeing you at the wedding. We all need to hang out again soon and I can't wait to see the little guy or gal. I miss you guys too! I think of all the fun we had at Whitman and it always makes me smile. Anyway, that's awesome and I guarantee I will try to be a good influence on the little tyke.

Emily M.
 to me
show details 4:25 PM (18 hours ago)

Congrats to you and Ryan!!!  April is a great month to have a baby :)

When can I see you?

Thanks for sharing!!


Vanessa K.
 to me
show details Oct 6 (4 days ago)
A little birdie told me today that someone is expecting.... OH I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!  Seriously that is wonderful news.  You both are going to be the BEST parents.  How are you feeling?  I bet your parents are going crazy with excitement.  Well congrats!!!!  We will be thinking of you three lots over the next few months.

Nicole P.
 to me
show details Oct 1 (9 days ago)
I had a dream last night that you had a baby girl and she was BEAUTIFUL!!!  :)

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